Backseat Bible Nuggets

January 18, 2023

Ep. 26 : Bathroom Humor in the Bible

One of the goals of this podcast is to get you interested and excited about God’s word. The Bible is important to our everyday life…when we submit or REALLY listen to God’s word it puts our heart and attitude in the right place to go throughout our day no matter what happens. God’s word is living and active, it’s powerful, as we’ve talked about before! But today, I want to remind us that God’s has a sense of humor and we can find that when we look at details of the Bible. In fact, Hudson, my 8-year-old, found something he thought was super funny in the Bible the other day that made him laugh. Do you think it’s okay to laugh at something in the Bible? It is! I think God loves when we laugh and I think He especially loves when we are reading His word with enough attention to realize when something is funny! Read More

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About Laura Young

Laura, creator of Backseat Bible Nuggets, is an on-the-go mom of 2 kiddos and desires to see them mature into mighty warriors for the Lord. She and her husband are usually too busy in the morning and too tired at night to have family devotional time. Can I get an amen? Plus, it’s easiest to capture kid’s attention when they are buckled up riding in the car. So why not maximize our transit time and talk about Jesus? Here we go!

Laura grew up in a christian family that took her to church at every opportunity. She was baptized at 8 years old but it was in middle school that she began to fully understand the full weight of sin and all that Jesus has saved her from when He died on the cross. The Lord continued to refine her through high school and college. It was at JH Ranch that she came to understand the fulfilling adventure of walking in the Holy Spirit as she embraced living in an active daily relationship with the Lord. When she graduated with an engineering degree and an MBA, she worked in healthcare doing process improvement. This pushed her out in front of crowds (where she never planned to be!) but laid the groundwork for what God was doing in her life. It was a few years later that the Lord would call her in to Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) leadership, where she serves as a Teaching Leader. She has come to learn that walking with the Lord is the most fulfilling adventure and while there are plenty of things that she desires for her children, above all else she knows that nothing is more important than teaching her kiddos about their sweet and powerful Savior.


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