Truth Seekers

February 26, 2024

#203: The Rich Young Ruler (Letting go of the worries of this life to follow Jesus)

Mark 10:13-31. Jesus calls us to surrender our whole lives to follow Him. Are there things you might be putting your faith in other than Jesus? Are there people you are placing as more important than Jesus? If Jesus asked you to choose Him first, would you be able to? The rich young man in the story was not able to give away all he had to follow Jesus. He loved his money too much. Anything that becomes more important than Jesus is an idol, a false god. God commands that we worship Him and Him alone. Are there possible idols in your heart that could be keeping you from fully surrendering to Jesus today? Let Him have everything, and in return He promises eternal life, hope, joy, peace and so much more. What Jesus has to offer is better than anything this world can offer.

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