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Apr 30 • 31:51
Creating a Healthy Sexual Culture in Your Home

Creating a Healthy Sexual Culture in Your Home

April 30, 2024 • 31:51 • Greta Eskridge

In this episode I talk about how to create a healthy sexual culture in your home. Creating a healthy sexual culture falls under the umbrella of parenting in the digital age and protecting our kids from porn, because there are so many ways the digital world offers our kids an unhealthy to downright dangerous view of sexuality. Of course, pornography is right up there on the list. 

Some key takeaways from this episode here: 

*If our kids are growing up in a world that is trying to offer them an unhealthy and dangerous view of sex, it is our job to show them the opposite of that. 

*Your kids have questions about sex, even if theyre not asking them. Create a culture where they can ask you anything. Be their Google! 

*Lets raise kids who arent afraid of Gods good gift of sex, but also have a healthy respect for Gods plan for it. 

*The message of the world is that sex is everything and sex is nothing. What a confusing world for our kids to grow up in. 

*Our kids need help to see themselves and all people in the world around them as fully human, to cherish and uphold, not objectify, or dismiss. *Read my article about objectification here. 

*Teach your kids that sex and their sexual body parts are  not shameful.  

*Use real, anatomically correct language for all the body parts. 

*Books to read with your littles on these topics  

God Made All of Me 

God Made Me In His Image  

*Creating a healthy sexual culture is an investment in our childrens future.  

*A healthy sexual outlook can help protect your kids from porn because it shines the light of truth in the darkness.  

*Like it or not, we either add to the darkness of indifference and out-and-out evil which surrounds us, or we light a candle to see by. Madeleine LEngle 


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Jun 18 • 47:11
Talking About Puberty with Our Daughters with Megan Ziegenfus

Friends! This episode is so fantastic. We are talking girls and puberty and in a positive, uplifting way. This is such a needed point of view surrounding this topic. 

My guest, Megan Ziegenfus, is the creator of Body Talk Basics. It is a course that includes videos, a book, and guided conversations about puberty for moms and daughters to experience together. I have read and watched this course and I loved it. I am so glad to have resources, to share with my daughter and yours, that celebrate how incredibly and beautifully designed the female body is. The course also makes sense of how our bodies work and explains those things in an easy to understand and straightforward way. I can only imagine the next generation  

Youll love this episode and come away with some great things to offer your daughter and probably yourself too! 

Here are some of my favorite quotes from this episode:  

*I saw a need for this to be a bonding conversation between moms and daughters instead of just a transfer of information.  

*The conversation, even the awkward part, is where the bonding occurs. It is an opportunity for the parents to show the kids, I love you so much I am willing to sit in this challenging space with you. I want to be with you. It builds trust and communication.  

*Its empowering to learn how our body works and the incredible purpose behind it.  

*These conversations about puberty are a part of creating a healthy sexual culture.  

*So many moms say, I didnt know how healing this course would be for me.  

*Deep down, girls want to be told how their body is working and that it is designed with a beautiful plan in mind. 

*Youre giving your daughter a gift when you say, look how amazing you are! God designed you this way. He made me this way and youre here because he made me this way. We have to celebrate this!  

Be sure to check out Megans website here and follow Megan on Instagram too. Her account is a lot of fun and really helpful.  

You can use the promo code: GRETA for a discount on the course. Sign up here. 

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Jun 11 • 57:35
Navigating Pregnancy Loss with Jackie Gibson

Todays episode is tender and contains topics that can be challenging if you have walked through, or are walking through, pregnancy loss. But this episode also has the potential to bring a lot of hope and healing wherever you are on your journey. You will feel less alone if you have walked through miscarriage or still birth. And if you havent, youll come away feeling better equipped to come alongside someone who has. It is my prayer that through the conversation in this episode, God will meet you where you are with His kindness and care. 


Today I talk with my new friend, Jackie Gibson, an Australian living in Philadelphia with her husband and children. Jackie is also the author of the book, You Are Still a Mother: Hope For Women Grieving a Stillbirth or Miscarriage.   


I read Jackies book in one sitting. Even though I experienced a miscarriage 14 years ago, her book deeply ministered to my heart. I felt so seen and comforted and so equipped to help my fellow mamas who experience this kind of grief. I cant recommend this book enough, whether you have walked through pregnancy loss yourself, know someone who has, or just want to have resources to refer to when loss comes. 


Jackie shares her own story of losing her daughter at 39 weeks to still birth. And then we discuss the hardship of suffering, and the way Jesus comes alongside us in suffering. We also cover a lot of other topics, like how we can share about loss after it happens, the strange feeling of shame that can happen after pregnancy loss, how we can help moms who are experiencing loss, PTSD and trauma after pregnancy loss and so much more.  

My tears were near the surface through this whole episode because I have such a tenderness for every other mama who has lost a baby. I hope youll listen to this episode knowing that if you are hurting you are not alone, and in my heart I am giving you the biggest hug. 


Here are some quotes that really stood out to me in this episode: 

*This is a club no one wants to be a part of.   

*Miscarriage can be such a very lonely grief.  

*We need to invite people into our grief and ask them to walk through it with us and pray for us. But for some reason we have this fear in doing that and part of that is this shame that we have done something wrong or that our bodies have failed us.  

*Id been a Christian for many years, but in those moments, I felt like I met Him (Jesus) again for the first time.  

*God can give us gifts even in suffering.  

*Even though your arms are empty, your heart still carries your baby wherever you go.  

*To write names down or to say them, when these mothers rarely get to hear their babies named or acknowledged, means so much to a grieving mom, whether it is fresh grief, or its been years.  

*Our babies have dignity and value no matter their size because they were made by God.  

*From the very start, their lives matter and they are worthy of both grief and honor. GE 

*It is never too late to remember your baby and to mark that little ones preciousness. JG 

*This is a story about Him and how He is always good, even in the darkness. JG 

*The moon is still round even when we cant see it, and God is still good, even when we dont feel like He is. JG 

*Are we going to keep believing in the darkness what we have seen in the light? Lilias Trotter 


More about Jackie: 

Jackies husband wrote a book about loss for kids as a result of talking to their son through the loss of his baby sister. It is called, The Moon is Always Round.  

Jackie isnt on social media, but please share her book and this episode with friends who need the comforting and helpful message she brings. 


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Jun 4 • 54:50
Every story has a purpose with Molly Stillman

I loved talking with todays guest, Molly Stillman. I first met Molly through reading her book and just fell in love with her. So, getting to talk to her about her book and her life was really, really cool. Molly is a fantastic writer and you should all read her debut book, If I Dont Laugh, Ill Cry: How Death, Debt and Comedy led to a Life of Faith, Farming and Forgetting What I Came Into This Room For. You should also check out her blog and her podcast, Can I Laugh on Your Shoulder? 

One of my favorite parts of the book and this episode is learning about Mollys mom. She was a writer too. You can check out Mollys moms book here: Home before Morning: The Story of An Army Nurse in Vietnam by Lynda Van Devanter. 

There are so many other great parts to Mollys storysome very, very hard and others so funny and wildly entertaining. I know you will love Molly just like I do. 

Here are a few quotes from the episode that I especially loved: 

*Every broken, messed up story has a purpose and its possible to gain everything if youre willing to surrender it all to Jesus and thats the best reason to tell your story. 

*I learned that oftentimes people dont need to hear our condemnation for the mistakes weve made, but instead our commendation for getting the help we so desperately need. I learned that encouragement, even from strangers, can provide the strength, energy and emotional stamina to do hard things. I learned that prayer is powerful and when we offer to pray for someone, even when it seems uncomfortable, we could be planting a seed that we may never see to harvest. And on the flip side, when we accept prayer, it has the power to change hearts. 

*It is never too late to apologize for something. 

*Joy is an essential part of thriving. 

*Chase joy by slowing down. 

So much good stuff, right? Be sure to read Mollys book, and check out her blog and podcast. 


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May 28 • 42:30
Sex is an opportunity to talk about Jesus

*Dont forget this is your last chance to sign up for my webinar, Parenting in the Digital Age. You are going to get help with so many of the issues facing parents todaywhether your kids are 3, 13 or 23. Sign up here


In this weeks episode, I get to talk to Kristen Miele from Sex Ed Reclaimed. I love the mission of her organization: to empower and encourage families to have consistent, honest conversations while accessing God-honoring sexual health education because God calls us to disciple the next generation. And her vision is just as powerful: to break the cycle of silence about sex in the Christian world. Gosh how we need Kristens voice and message in our world today! 


Here are some key takeaways from this episode

*Sex is good and it is Gods gift, so we dont have to be afraid or embarrassed to talk about it. 

* Its a work of the devil to shut us up about sex and to add shame to it. 

* The world is constantly talking about sex. They are discipling our kids on the topic so we need to step in and add God to the conversation. 

* Sex is an opportunity to talk about Jesus. (Yes! This is my favorite.) 

Some tips Kristen gave are so helpful: 

*Our kids questions are an opportunity for discipleship. So answer their questions honestly. 

*Only give them as much information as they needjust a little bit at a time. 

*Think about the expression on your face and the tone of your voice when you answer their questions. Dont panic! Instead be warm and welcoming. 

*Invite your older kids to look at the world around them and answer the question, is that working for them? Are they joyful, peace filled, and hopeful? 


Be sure to check out the courses at Sex Ed Reclaimed. 

There are courses designed for families, home school students, Christian schools and churches and for ages 3-18. 

You can get curriculum samples on her website. 

Kristen generously gave my podcast listeners a discount of 15% off. Just use the code: CHRISTIANPARENTING 


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May 21 • 47:40
How Books Shape Us

Fair warning, this episode is ALL over the place!  

You will laugh and maybe cringe at my faux pas. 

You might cry with me at the end of the episode, and youll definitely learn about a lot of great books. 

In this episode I get to talk to my dear friend Elsie Iudicello.  

Elsie is a wife to my friend Jeff, and mom to 4 boys. Elsie lives in Florida where she is a farmer, a writer, a reader, a cook, and one of the most compelling and hilarious speakers I have ever the pleasure of hearing.  

Here are some highlights from our conversation: 

*Elsie tells me she loves old movies but also loves natural disaster movies. *Well, only one really. The movie Twister. For an interesting reason! 

*This is when I suggest another movie Elsie might like but that doesnt actually exist and if it did, you might see it behind the curtain at Blockbuster. Enjoy the laughter that ensues. Im never going to live this one down. 

*Elsie shares: books bonded us in the beginning because we got to go play in different worlds together, and that has sustained us in the teen years. 

*We can meet on the bridge of a story. 

*Kids want a book where the author isnt talking down to them. That doesnt preach at them or sanitize everything. 

*Reading biographies and especially missionary biographies are so good for our kids to read. 

*Give them books about people stepping out of their comfortable worlds. Read those things into their hearts! 

* I want my kids to get to know people who have had to fight for their faith. 

* Parents need to be readers too. Because this statistic is true and makes my heart sad. roughly a quarter of American adults say they havent read a book in whole or in part in the past year in print, electronic or even in audio form. 

*Dont be in such a hurry to read the great books that you miss the good books. Cindy Rawlins 

*On re-reading books: I would rather be friends with 40 or 50 good dear books than read all the books in the world once. 

*Find Elsie on Instagram at Farmhouse Schoolhouse 


Here's a list of all the books we mention in this episode: 

Ourselves by Charlotte Mason 

The Emperors Handbook by Marcus Aurelius 

The Good Master by Kate Seredy 

Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder 

The Railway Children by Edith Nesbit 

Little Britches by Ralph Moody 

Wind and the Willows by Kenneth Grahame 

Green Ember by S. D. Smith 

Wing Feather Saga by Andrew Peterson 

The Mad Scientist Club by Bertrand Brinley 

The Great Brain by John D Fitzgerald 

Homer Price by Robert McCloskey 

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain 

Jules Verne books 

Endurance: Shackletons Incredible Voyage by Alfred Lansing 

Gods Smuggler by Brother Andrew 

10 Fingers for God: the life and work of Dr. Paul Brand by Dorothy Wilson 

Christian Heroes Then and Now series  

Parnassus on Wheels by Christopher Morely 

The Awaking of Miss Prim: a Novel by Natalia Fenollera 

The Blue Castle by Lucy Maud Montgomery 

The Girl of the Limberlost by Gene Stratton Porter 

Little Women Louisa May Alcott 

The Yearling by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings 

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley 

David Copperfield by Charles Dickens 

How Green was My Valley by Richard Llewellyn 

The Count of Monte Christo by Alexander Dumas 


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