Throw a Party with This Kids Christmas Album

To be honest, I’ve been hesitant to review the Bethel Music Kids Christmas Party album. I have never been a huge fan of hokey children’s music. But this album pleasantly surprised me! As a worship leader and new mom, I think this album is awesome. From the moment it started playing, I could not stop dancing.

The Bethel Music team truly did an excellent job with this project. Hokey is the last word I would use to even describe it. It is current, fresh, fun, and vibrant. With a Justin-Bieber-meets-Christmas-classics feel, the Bethel Music Kids Christmas Party is something children are sure to enjoy.

They use the word “party” to describe the record, and that is exactly what I pictured as I listened. It brought back sweet memories of when I used to nanny three fun little boys. To get some extra energy out, we would blare music from my iPhone and have a dance party. Those are some of my favorite times with the boys, and I found myself wishing we could dance to this album together and all the while celebrate the birth of Christ.

Some of the classics they recreate on this five-song EP include: “O Come All Ye Faithful,” “Joy to the World,” and “O Holy Night.” However, my favorite song on the album is “Little Drummer Boy,” which is ironic because it’s always been my least favorite Christmas song. The way in which they rework and modernize it is so fun and catchy. All the songs have a techno, dance vibe with electronic instruments following the current trend of popular music. On iTunes, they close out the album with a live performance bonus video of the children singing and doing a choreographed dance to “Little Drummer Boy,” which would be so fun to throw up on the TV and watch together.

This album is a no-brainer for moms with kids. You can bet with Bethel’s reputation that this was crafted worshipfully and with worship being its primary intent. It’s a brilliant way to teach your kids worshipping Jesus at Christmas is fun and even a party, rather than a stuffy Christmas Eve service they have to attend before they get to open presents.

Have fun with your children this Advent season, and use this rockin’ album to do so. They will surely enjoy it. I already can’t stop listening myself.

For California residents: They are taking the Bethel Music Kids Christmas Party on tour. If they’re coming to your area, I think it would be a wonderful experience for you and your kids. They’re performing their songs on the album interwoven with a dynamic telling of the Christmas story. I’ve been to Bethel Music’s worship nights, and it’s always an intentional, well-rounded experience where I deeply encountered God (and had a blast doing so.) Check out their tour dates and locations.