Praying for Our Kids: Time Management

Today we begin week 9 of praying our kids through the school year. This week we are praying specifically for our kids to understand the importance of time management.

Our children’s days, like ours, are filled with so many demands for their time. If we teach them the importance of managing it now, it can have a huge impact on their adult lives.

I have a sweet friend joining us on our podcast today, Summer Dale. She shares some great reminders of why it matters that we teach our kids time management skills so they can effectively accomplish God’s greater plans for their lives.

Let’s pray that our kids manage school, activities, family, and time with the Lord in a way that best honors God and brings his perfect wisdom. The best life for our children is one spent prioritizing the things of God, not the things of this world.

Join us this week in praying our kids manage their time well as they balance the demands of life with the higher purposes of God.

Listen now!