Praying for Our Kids: Respect


There’s not a parent out there who hasn’t echoed the words of the legendary Aretha saying, “All I’m askin’ is for a little respect when you get home.”

This week, we’re praying for our kids to have respect. This is a core value that impacts all of their relationships, and it’s critical to walking well with the Lord. It starts by teaching respect in the home, and obedience is a key component as we raise our kids.

On today’s podcast, we talk about what it looks like to respect the Lord, starting with showing respect to the people around us who are his creation. We consider Scripture that tells us to honor and respect our governing authorities, and we talk about how to teach our children to disagree well with others. 

If we take it a little bit further this week while praying respect, we can also pray that our kids respect the word of God, respect their bodies, and respect those with authority over them in all aspects of their lives. That’s a lot to pray over this week!

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I also want to make you among the first to hear about a new product I wrote that’s available for the first time this week!

Raising kids involves lots of discipline and correction to keep them on course, balanced with ensuring they know that their true identity in Christ has absolutely nothing to do with their performance or behavior. 

He Calls You By Name: 30 Reminders of Your Identity in Christ is a set of cards designed to be a visual reminder to your kids of their real identity. They are modern, they are biblically based, and they are a tangible way to remind your kids that they are loved and significant because of the One who loves them. 

The front of the card has Scripture talking about identity, and the back has a short summary of why that truth matters in their life and how it impacts who they really are. Grab a set of these cards to put in your kitchen, on your kids’ nightstand, or anywhere that will remind them of who they belong to and the significance such knowledge brings. 

Note: If you missed last week’s episode with Robert J. Morgan, check it out here!