Praying for Our Kids: Pray Light

Remember that time we purposefully prayed for our kids every day with such vigilance that lives all around them were changed?

Me neither, hence this post. Ha!

Today we start week one of our prayer journal, focusing on praying for our children to be a light in their schools. As a part of our prayer challenge this school year, I am releasing a short podcast each Monday morning with a few thoughts on the topic we are praying. I will also take a few minutes to pray out loud with you for each of our children.

It would be such a blessing if you would take the time to listen to our podcast and join us in praying together. It would be equally amazing if you would take a minute to forward it to your friends, spouse, small group—or anyone you feel led to ask to join you in praying each week.

If you have not ordered a journal, they are still available. But, either way, we want you to join us each week as we pray for our kids.

Our goal is to form a community of parents committed to praying for our kids this school year. In doing so, we pray you will tangibly feel God’s blessing on our families and schools, and that we will have testimonies to share with each other of the great things God accomplishes this year.

The verse on the cover of our prayer journal is Romans 12:12:  “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”

May we all be found faithful in prayer this school year!

Listen now!