Praying for Our Kids: Discernment

Today we begin week 10 of praying our kids through the school year.

This week, we are praying specifically for our kids to have discernment. I can think of no one better to join us this week than Janet Denison.

Janet is the founder of Christian Parenting and someone who has shaped my parenting in so many ways. Janet chats with us about what discernment is and the difference between straight-up discernment and biblical discernment.

She reminds us of the importance of modeling discernment with our kids and also teaching them to listen for the Holy Spirit in their lives.

I don’t know about you, but when I started to think about praying for discernment for my kids, I wasn’t positive about what that would all entail. But don’t worry: Janet fills in the gaps for us today.

Join me this week as we pray that our children know God’s voice and can discern his path for their lives. Pray also that they learn to discern biblical truth and are led to make choices that best exemplify their faith in Christ.

Listen now!