Praying for Our Kids: Courage

This week we’re praying for our kids to have courage. The further our culture strays from God’s truth, the more courage it will take for them to live biblically.

I wrote an article last year about the importance of raising kids who can stand alone. I saw a picture on social media of a boy standing by himself while praying at his school’s “See You At The Pole” Day. I realized right then how important it was going to be to raise kids who can stand alone in their faith.

Passionately following Jesus, especially in today’s culture, is not going to happen if we follow the masses and blend in with the crowd. We’re called to be holy, set apart, sanctified, chosen, and on a great mission for Jesus. So are our kids.

Our kids will need a strong dose of courage to stand alone in the hard places.

It takes courage to:

  • stand up when everyone else is just standing by 
  • include the excluded, allowing no one to be left behind on your watch
  • walk away from the inappropriate images everyone is sharing
  • say no when it’s more popular to say yes
  • stay home because going might lead to compromise

Let’s pray that our kids have the courage to stand alone when they need to and that God will do something big with it when they do.

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