Praying for Our Kids: Contentment

Why does contentment matter?

“I would totally be content if I had just a little bit more.”

We don’t actually say those words, but show your hand if you’ve ever bought into that lie. (Unfortunately, my hand is raised.)

When we define success by God’s standards of prosperity and not the world’s, life is lots easier and a whole lot more peaceful. If we define ourselves by what we have or how much we have, we will inevitably find a lack of contentment.

Christ-filled contentment brings peace and happiness, knowing that what Jesus has already done for us is more than we deserve. And, better than that, it’s eternal so it can’t be taken away.

The whole idea of contentment is a big one when it comes to praying for our kids. A lack of contentment doesn’t just impact our kids when they are young. When they become adults, a spirit of discontentment can seep into finances, jobs, friendships, and everything in between.

Let’s buckle down this week and ask the Lord to show us where we need to find contentment in our own lives so that we can model it well in our families. Let’s pray that our kids know that money and material things do not bring lasting fulfillment and happiness, but that only comes from Jesus.

And when you have those thoughts that a “little bit more” would make all the difference, call it out for what it is. Let it remind you to pray for contentment for yourself and your family.

John Piper said, “God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him.”

May God be glorified through all of us.

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