Finding Peace in a Pressure Cooker World

In this episode, Chrys and Shellie talk about how to find peace when you’re ready to blow like a pressure cooker. Shellie loves to cook, but doesn’t like the way a pressure cooker blows off steam and, certainly, doesn’t like to live life that way. Join them today to discover ways to cope with the pressures of life without blowing your top!

Why Boundaries are Important

In this episode, Chrys and Shellie discuss that just as flowers and fences form important boundaries for our yards, boundaries in life are important. They include five reasons why boundaries are important as well as five “ah-ha” moments that come when thinking about the importance of boundaries. One important point they talk about is how God set boundaries in the Garden of Eden and He had a reason for His boundaries. They were for protection. Ours should be as well. We want our kids to understand that our rules are not to be mean and ugly, but to protect them in some way—like a covering. Tune in today to listen to this important topic.

Be a Party Animal, Not a Party Pooper

In this episode, Chrys and Shellie discuss how tips to throwing a successful party applies to life in general. Shellie recently threw a party for mom, the “queen of us all.” Listen today as she shares three tips on how to be a party animal instead of a party pooper.

Seeing What’s Right in Front of You

In this episode, Chrys and Shellie discuss how seeing the court in a basketball game is like the game of life. When we think about our life, it’s like a basketball game. There is so much going on. If you’re a young mom, it’s diapers and feedings and chasing toddlers. If you have older kids, it’s homework and practice and settling squabbles. At work, it’s the same. So much to do. We’ve got so much on our plate it’s hard to “see the court,” so to speak. Tune in today to learn more about how you can keep your eyes open and enjoy the life God has given you today.

Rocking it Grand Trailer

Many times parents can’t “see the trees” because the forest is overwhelming. Can I get an AMEN?

Each week, Chrys and Shellie, seasoned moms and grandmas, help listeners see life lessons in the simple events that happen daily.

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