Remembering the Past to Move Forward

In this episode, Chrys and Shellie talk about the importance of looking at the past in order to move successfully to the future. It’s a fact that we cannot change what has happened in the past, but we can use it as a tool to move forward. Chrys and Shelli tell how this principle is biblical and has helped them in their lives. Join them to learn how you can look back but still move forward.

The Power of the Pause

The pause button has become an invaluable tool for most of us, but have we considered how important one could be in different areas of our lives? In this episode, Chrys and Shellie identify situations in life that would benefit from a “pause” button. Tune in today to listen to this important topic and learn some simple techniques to help you “pause” when needed.

Do Not Fear

In this episode, Chrys and Shellie discuss fear and how fear is such a strong emotion is can cause one to get stuck and not become all God intends. They give six tips that have helped them overcome fear and know they will help you too. Things like starting small, exercising mindfulness, and recognizing that mistakes are not the end. Tune in to hear more about this important and timely topic.

Lowering the Tension and Resolving Conflict

We’ve all lived through a year of rising tensions and conflict. In this episode, Chrys and Shellie discuss the importance of knowing how to lower the tension in stressful situations. Shellie has devised a simple technique that she calls the “Butt Defense” to help her and her children lower the tension. Tune in to hear how that technique could help you and your family too.

The Importance of Traditions

In this special Christmas episode, Chrys and Shellie discuss traditions. They share some of their favorite traditions and why it is important for families to have their own special moments. Traditions are even more important in 2020 and Chrys and Shellie tell us why.

Healthy Thinking

In today’s episode Chrys and Shellie talk about the far-reaching consequences of stinking thinking. As adults, we know the enemy likes to mess with our thoughts but we’re slower to realize how early he starts plying his trade with our precious kids and grandkids.  We can thwart his purposes by watching for clues to what our littles are thinking. Much heartache results from not learning how to think, but legitimate pain doesn’t have to become lifelong hurt. Join us as we learn how to shape our tomorrows by what we’re thinking today!

Staying Calm in the Craziness

In this episode, Chrys and Shellie discuss ways to stay calm amidst the craziness. Even if it wasn’t 2020, life would be crazy, because that’s life! Chrys has ten tips for keeping calm when you’re ready to pull your hair out. The first thing is to acknowledge our stress for what it is. Look at your situation honestly. For an example, we have so much going on today that is tragic and scary for sure. But, if we look back at our country over the years, there have been many decades of horrific life circumstances, even worse than today. Putting things in perspective always helps. Join Chrys and Shellie today to learn more ways to look at life and stay calm.

A Life Changing People Trick

In today’s episode Chrys and Shellie talk about dealing with difficult people. And they sure hope that doesn’t apply to them? But then, no one sets out to be a grump, right? Shellie taught herself a people trick years ago that helps her see people differently so she can respond to them in a Christ like way. Join us today as Shellie shares that secret with our audience. It may just change your life or someone who crosses it!

Finding Your Purpose

In this episode, Chrys and Shellie discuss purpose and how to discover what really matters to you. Assuming right off the bat that you know God created you and you’re overarching purpose in life is to serve and glorify Him, then what? Join Chrys and Shellie as they discuss the tips for finding the steps that will bring glory to God and contribute to the world.