Seven Secrets to Building a Child's Healthy Self Esteem

It's a balancing act these days! How much is enough or too much when it comes to words of praise? The debate continues. Chrys and Shellie discuss the real secrets to a healthy self-esteem and it's not in our words.

Use it or Lose it

For anyone interested in how to boost your memory, Chrys and Shellie share the information in a book titled Limitless. And who doesn't want to have a better memory. Tune in for hints and tips into retaining more information!

Don't Make a Mess Messier

Life is messy! Chrys and Shellie give five ways everyone can make life LESS messy. Tips like don't complain and know who you want to be before a mess happens will go a long way in helping any messy situation.

You Do You Includes Your Responsibility

Chrys and Shelie discuss what's really behind the "You Do You" craze. It's important in the "do you" era that people accept the responsibility connected with all you decide to do and be.

Summer Fun or Frenzy

Summer is that awesome mix of ‘’yay” the kids are out of school and “yikes” the kids are out of school. Mixed emotions flood the thoughts of every mom as they look forward to no homework and freer schedules, but with a little twinge of concern about what to do with those sweet kiddos every day. Join Chrys and Shellie as they share some ideas that might keep you out of the frenzy and on with the fun!

Discipline Starts with Me

The word discipline has gotten a bad rap the last few years. Join Chrys and Shellie as they take a look at the true reason behind all discipline. No parents wants to be mean, but all parents should want their children to learn the importance of obedience and respect.

Manners Matter

Manners do make a difference and it makes sense to be sure your children have good manners. Today Chrys and Shellie tell why and give practical tips on how to teach and train children to do such things as say please and thank you, don’t interrupt parents when they are talking, and how to walk through a store without touching the items for sale. All of these things built on producing and adult who is well-liked and respectful of others.

Parenting Math that Adds Up

We all took math in school so addition and subtraction is easy, but we have to be mindful of what is added and subtracted. Join Chrys and Shellie today as they discuss the facts surrounding adding children and not subtracting from your marriage. They offer practical insight and advice on keeping your marriage strong after children and beyond.

Honing our People Skills

Good people skills can and should be taught. Join Chrys and Shellie as they discuss the merits and learn some tips to help you and your children become better at relationships. Teaching good and appropriate people skills is a gift you can give your children.