Family history, genealogy, and faith with Kathy Howard

Chrys and Shellie interview Kathy Howard, the author of Heirloom. Kathy is a Bible teacher and author of devotional and Bible studies. She speaks and writes from her home base in Dallas, TX. Listen in to learn how we can weave our family history, genealogy, and faith together to build a legacy for the next generation.

Stressless Christmas

As fun as the holiday season is, it's also a set-up for stressing out! Join Chrys and Shellie as they unpack tips on how to have yourself a stressless little Christmas.

Jesus Followers with Anne Graham Lotz and Rachel-Ruth Lotz Wright

Chrys and Shellie interview Anne Graham Lotz and her daughter Rachel-Ruth Lotz Wright about their new book Jesus Followers. The book is filled with practical life lessons to help anyone lead their family in faith.

Our new book! Rocking It Grand: 18 Ways to Be a Game-Changing Grandma

Chrys and Shellie take turns interviewing each other about their upcoming book launch, Rocking it Grand. Listen in as they discuss some of their favorite passages! Available wherever books are sold November 9th, 2021.

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Chrys and Shellie explore the topic of respect. Respect is sorely missing in our culture and necessary to building strong families.

Screens and Our Kids with Arlene Pellicene

Join Chrys and Shellie and their guest, Arlene Pellicane as they discuss a fascinating book Arlene co-wrote with NYT's Best Selling author Gary Chapman, "Screen Kids". We recommend this book for parents and grandparents everywhere. It's timely and full of practical information and advice on how to help kids navigate the screen world.

Desperate Forgiveness with Lisa Robertson

Chrys and Shellie welcome Lisa Robertson to talk about her life story and her latest book Desperate Forgiveness.

Grandparenting, Empty Nest, and More with Korie Robertson

Korie Robertson, of Duck Dynasty fame, visits Rocking it Grand to talk about grandparenting joys. Join Chrys and Shellie and hear what Korie wants to still be rocking at eighty.

Seven Secrets to Building a Child's Healthy Self Esteem

It's a balancing act these days! How much is enough or too much when it comes to words of praise? The debate continues. Chrys and Shellie discuss the real secrets to a healthy self-esteem and it's not in our words.