Summer Fun or Frenzy

Summer is that awesome mix of ‘’yay” the kids are out of school and “yikes” the kids are out of school. Mixed emotions flood the thoughts of every mom as they look forward to no homework and freer schedules, but with a little twinge of concern about what todo with those sweet kiddos every day. Join Chrys and Shellie as they share some ideas that might keep you out of the frenzy and on with the fun!

Interview with Rhonda Stoppe

Chrys and Shellie interview Rhonda Stoppe. Rhonda is a gifted writer and speaker and shares her heart for grandparenting, but that’s not all. Rhonda encourages moms through her popular book, Raising Sons to be Men. Rhonda is a might force in God’s army. Don’t miss this interview. You can find more about Rhonda at and get a newsletter and a free ebook, The Money Myth-More Money Does Not Mean Less Stress.  

Interview with Chrys’ mom

Chrys and Shellie interview Chrys’ mom, Betty Jo Shackelford. More life lessons this week from a woman who married a Marine, raised six kids, and continues to be a light to a new generation. Don’t miss this podcast full of more golden nuggets of wisdom.

Interview with Shellie’s mom

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and we’re here for it at Rocking it Grand! In today’s show, Chrys and Shellie interview Shellie’s mom, Charlotte Rushing. Life lessons just flow out of the mouths of this older generation who grew up with outdoor potties and few luxuries. Don’t miss this episode. It’s full of golden nuggets of wisdom. Find us on your favorite podcast platform or watch on YouTube,(where you can see Shellie introduce “Papa”, too, once we close the show.)

Modeling the God-Centered Lifestyle

Chrys and Shellie offer tips on modeling a God-centered life. With five kids and lots of grands between them, modeling what is good, and right is so important. Join them for this important topic.

Interview with Bella Mayo

Chrys and Shellie interview Chrys’ granddaughter, Bella RobertsonMayo, on her life on Duck Dynasty and first book. Bella is the youngest of the Robertson clan and wasonly eight years old when Duck Dynasty started. Join us as Bella tells us what her favorite episode to filmwas and discusses her poetry book, My Greenhouse.

Parents, You Can Relax!

Chrys and Shellie discuss ways parents can kick back and relax and it’s not going to the spa! Join them with five tips for relaxing that every parent can do.

Heres’s a hint: The first thing we can all do is realize no child is perfect.

Interview with author John Sowers

Chrys and Shellie interview John Sowers about his new book, Say All the Unspoken Things. John wrote letters to his three daughters saying everything he wants them to know if something were to happen to him. You’ll be encouraged and inspired to write your own letters to those you love.

Best Life Prayer Hacks for 2022

Chrys and Shellie share their thoughts on building a stronger prayer life. Many times, we get caught up in the trap of approaching prayer like a “run on” sentence. We talk and talk without stopping to listen to God or give Him the best of our thoughts. Join Chrys and Shellie and learn how to slow down and offer God a more meaningful prayer life.