Protect young minds from pornography with Kristen Jenson

When it comes to technology, we’re raising our kids in a completely different world than the one we grew up in. The advancement of technology has provided some great benefits for our kids, most recently seen with online schooling successes during COVID-19. But technology has also given rise to some really sad statistics showing a steep increase in pornography use during quarantine.


Kristen Jenson, founder of Protect Young Minds, joins us today to discuss the impact of pornographic material on our kids. She highlights the importance of equipping them to deal with exposure to pornography from an early age. She believes the best filter we can provide is an internal filter, setting up a plan for dealing with pornography when our kids are inevitably exposed to it.


Kristen offers a great working definition of the topic and some easy ways to get past the awkwardness we may feel in discussing it with our kids. The reality is that really great kids are forced to deal with this issue in their lives, and as parents, we have the opportunity to set the stage for their success.


Don’t miss this encouraging and necessary conversation on a hard topic we will all face in parenting.

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Good Pictures Bad Pictures

Good Pictures Bad Pictures, Jr.

How will we respond?

We’re all trying to process the tragic death of George Floyd and the unrest in our country this week. Many of us, myself included, are hesitant to say too much for fear of saying something wrong or making it worse in some way.

But, as believers, we are instructed to stand up for the oppressed and to love those around us “not just in words or speech, but with actions and truth” (1 John 3:18).

So how do we do that well?

I had the great privilege of having a conversation with a community of believers speaking vulnerably and practically about the issue of racism and the state of our country. I love the heart of each of these friends in sharing their pain but also spurring us on to do the hard things that pave the way for reconciliation and hope for all of those around us.

On today’s episode of Pardon the Mess we discussed:

  • How it feels as a person of color to walk through these days
  • What has helped, and what hasn’t, as people have reached out to them
  • What it looks like to lament
  • Conversations white families should have with their kids
  • How to “stand in support” of our friends of color not just in these days but every day

I’ll conclude with the words that a dear friend of mine, Jerica Olsen, sent me this morning.

“If the heart of God for his people hasn’t led you to stand up for the oppressed and defend those who can’t defend themselves - you might want to consider what God you’re aligning with.”

Let’s continue to align with Jesus and pray for his healing and direction in our country.

Chasing the Lion with Mark Batterson

Mark Batterson is with us today on Pardon the Mess, speaking about reframing our biggest obstacles. By reframing obstacles as God-ordained opportunities, we allow him to do his work in us. We allow God to ensure we give him the glory as having done something bigger than we could imagine doing ourselves.

In a time when COVID-19 has thrown a complete wrench in all the things we call normal and predictable, today’s podcast is a good reminder that the size of our problems are far outweighed by the size of our God.

Mark’s book, In a Pit With a Lion On a Snowy Day, is one of those books that feels like it was written just for me in this season. One of my favorite quotes from the book (and there’s a lot) is: “God is in the business of strategically positioning us in the right place at the right time. But here’s the catch: The right place often seems like the wrong place, and the right time often seems like the wrong time.”

For many of us, this season has been a forced slow down. It has been a time when God has shed light on places that need re-prioritizing and refocusing. Maybe you’re feeling called to something new. Maybe you need a reminder to not let what you can’t do keep you from accomplishing what you can do. Or maybe you’re realizing that your view of God seems smaller, the more you focus on the size of your obstacles.

Whatever it is you’re praying for these days, I hope you walk away from this conversation encouraged to chase the lions in your life.

Oh, and here is one quick spoiler alert: my favorite part of our conversation happens at the very end (don’t skip out early). Mark reminds us that few people will have platforms that influence thousands of people. However, our greatest success is often when those who know us best respect us the most. As parents, let’s chase the lion of loving our family well and being the parents God has called us to be.

Foundations for shaping our family’s faith with Ruth Chou Simons

As a Mom, one of my recurring concerns is a focus on how to ensure my kids have a deep faith. When my kids leave the house, after eighteen years of growing, guiding, and leading them, I want them to understand why we believe what we believe. I realize that ultimately it’s up to them to decide whether to follow God or not. But I often find myself pondering the question: What is the best way for us to set them up to make the most important decision of their lives?

If this question is on your radar too, you’re going to love my conversation today with Ruth Chou Simons. We talk about the ordinary things in life that work to shape our family’s faith. We speak to the importance of individually pursuing Jesus and how our pursuits become a part of the fabric of our home. And Ruth shares her journey of balancing a career with family life—how she’s worked through seasons of saying “yes” professionally and other seasons where she’s been called to say “no.”   Ruth is a best-selling author, artist, founder of Gracelaced, wife, and a mom to six boys. She offers an encouraging word for all of us today. As we plow through the mundane moments of everyday parenting, Ruth prompts us to keep our eyes on the bigger and better prize of Jesus. Join us and find rest in his promises.

Raising courageous girls with Terra Mattson

Terra’s ministry lies at the corner of theology and therapy. She is available NOW to share healthy relationship wisdom with parents of girls (from her new book, Courageous):

ª  How to raise courageous girls in a world of fear, anxiety and loneliness

ª  Teaching the truth about intimacy: we are loved and can have intimacy with God and others outside of sex

ª  Empowering daughters (and moms!) with five tools for creating calm in the midst of anxiety

ª  How emotions help us discover our authentic self and deeply connect with God and others

ª  Step #1 for raising courageous girls? Become a courageous woman

ª  Helping our daughters become resilient -- rather than avoidant or naïve or avoidant

ª  Learning to recognize three types of friends - and becoming a better friend

ª  The secret to honest relationships between moms and daughters 

ª  Why Terra intentionally travels the road of motherhood alongside other women


Terra Mattson is a licensed marriage and family therapist and the clinical director of Living Wholehearted, an organization she co-founded with her husband and business partner, Jeff, which is dedicated to helping leaders live with integrity. Terra is also the co-founder of Courageous Girls, a free web-based curriculum offering biblical and clinical wisdom to moms and daughters, and author ofCourageous: Being Daughters Rooted in Grace. Terra and Jeff have two daughters. 


Gospel hope for everyday moments with Risen Motherhood

Do you ever feel lacking in the mom department? Do you find yourself drowning in the mundane, frantically searching for a greater purpose in the throes of laundry, dishes, teenage battles, and potty training?

Me too. Every season of parenting offers hardships that leave me questioning: “God, when will I serve your greater purpose?”

Authors and co-founders of the Risen Motherhood ministry, Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler, join me today with simple, biblical truths about the power of the gospel in everyday life. We discuss reframing our view of the ordinary parts of motherhood through the lens of the resurrection. Emily and Laura counter the entrapments of comparison with a challenge to lean into others’ giftings, allowing them to feed into our kids and aid us in our motherhood walks. And we touch on navigating parenting children with learning differences. 

Join us as we explore beauty in the midst of the mundane. And make sure to check out Emily and Laura’s book, Risen Motherhood: Gospel Hope for Everyday Moments

Catch up with Risen Motherhood

How sweet the sound with Laura Smith
Listen now!

Do you feel quarantined out? Are you struggling with feelings of getting it all wrong? We’re right there with you. 

Author, speaker, and mom of four, Laura Smith chats with us about giving ourselves grace as we parent in these hard days. We talk about navigating the disappointment our kids are facing, while also finding hope in the bigger picture of Jesus. 

Laura gives us a great reminder about using this time to model our faith well. She also discusses her new book and speaks to the power of hymns. Her insight and wisdom gave me new life! 

Join us today and walk away humming “Amazing Grace”—that’s a promise!

Laura’s Book: How Sweet the Sound

Catch up with Laura

A reminder of why true heroes matter with Eric Metaxas

If you have found yourself wondering what it’s like to live in New York City during a pandemic, Eric Metaxas is your guy! On today’s episode of Pardon the Mess, he speaks to this question and so much more.  

Metaxas is a New York Times #1 bestselling author, the host of the Eric Metaxas Radio Show, an international speaker, and a trusted cultural analyst on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC. More significantly, he’s a devout Christian. He brings the encouragement we could all use during this pandemic, a time that has led many to cope with feelings of discouragement and despair. 

Metaxas shares the good he believes is coming from these challenging days and asks whether this time can lead to a revival in the midst of suffering. Eric and I talk about the heroes that are emerging during this crisis and highlight the importance of raising our kids to know their true heroes (instead of those society deems worship-worthy). 

His new book, 7 More Men, speaks to this topic. It chronicles historical Christian heroes of faith who inspire us to live out our faith, whatever the cost.

I was encouraged, inspired, and honored to do this interview with Eric and feel certain you will feel the same. 


From Lost to Found with Nicole Zasowski

“There’s blessing in any story that ignites our longing for Christ.” —Nicole Zasowski

This is my favorite quote from today’s podcast, words that ring true as we consider our days in the COVID-19 pandemic. This time of uncertainty can either create more anxiety and unrest in our lives, or it can create a longing for an even deeper connection with Jesus, as we recognize that this world is not our home.


I’m praying we emerge from these hard days with a renewed hope that only comes from trusting in him. As we do this, I’m thrilled to share with you my conversation with Nicole Zasowski. We talk about identifying the things in life that keep us in bondage (think—performance, control, shame), and how freeing it is when we’re willing to give the reins back to the Lord.


During our conversation, Nicole vulnerably shares about her journey with infertility and how the Lord transformed her pain into healing. She focuses on how God is not the author of hardship, but that he is gracious enough to use our pain to accomplish his bigger purposes. What a perfect lesson during this week of National Infertility Awareness.


So grateful for each of you. Please know that I am praying for you as we continue to adjust to this new normal. Send us an email if we can add you to our team’s prayer list or to let us know how you’re doing.