Everything from Parenting to Prioritizing Life with Michael W. Smith

Michael W. Smith joins us to talk about family, loving your spouse well, focusing on what really matters in raising kids, and slowing down by prioritizing what’s important in our lives. You will love hearing about his heart behind creating a new children’s lullaby album. Oh, and we even talked about his friendship with Billy Graham and singing at Reverend Graham’s funeral.

Parenting, Foster Care, and New Projects with Tony & Lauren Dungy

Tony Dungy has two Super Bowl rings, but he doesn't need them to be significant. In today’s episode Tony and his wife Lauren reveal how to train a child to believe he is worthy (hint: it’s not by training them to accomplish more).

The Dungys impart wisdom on how they parent differently now, after 3 decades of wisdom and experience raising 10 children. They answer "what prompted you to write 2 new children's books" regarding their latest project, and they reveal the heart behind their calling to foster care and adoption.

Their words are both convicting and inspiring; you won’t want to miss it!

Today’s podcast references Matthew 16:26

“It Really is Okay to Let Our Kids Fail” with Mia Mbroh

Do we rob our kids of the ability to trust God by constantly intervening when we see them struggling? What if our efforts to provide and protect are the actual barriers to their success?

In this podcast we talk with Christian counselor Mia Mbroh about whether failure is important or overrated, how a Christian parent should respond to a child who is struggling, and how stop parenting out of our own wounds from the past. She asks us “is God still good enough for us, even in the difficult times?” and expands on how our behavior often answers this question with a resounding “no.”

Mia gives us practical ways we can love our children by letting them fail – by choosing to walk with them through their failure instead of always trying to take the pain away.

Today’s podcast references Deuteronomy 8:17-18, the Heroes of the Bible, Proverbs 3:5-6

How Do We Define Successful Parenting with Janet Denison

Can a Christian parent find success? Our performance and perfection driven culture can make us feel we will never measure up.  As parents, we want to know how to define God’s version of success in parenting, so in this podcast we discuss how to raise up believers, and how to be character focused parents.  

Today’s conversation is with Bible teacher, writer, and speaker Janet Denison. Janet reminds us that success is what it’s always been, and points us back to the oldest principles and the biggest picture in our parenting. She answers “how do we know if our child has accepted Christ” and gives us a short list of non-negotiables about which we cannot budge when guiding little hearts.

Today’s podcast references Matthew 23, Jeremiah 6:16, Jeremiah 29:11, Proverbs 22:6)