Raising Humble Kids

As the late great country music artist, Mac Davis, once sang, “Oh, Lord, it’s hard to be humble!”  And in our current culture and the competitive, “me-obsessed” environment that our kids are growing up in, these words have never been more spot on.  Join the fellas this week, as they kick around the topic of raising humble kids.  


We live in a culture that is for the glorification of self. Our culture and a lot of our homes struggle to produce humble kids.

“If you have to toot your own horn, your horn ain’t worth tootin’” – Bill Myers Sr

 We need to teach them how to express their views modestly. How to share praise and blame. 

Learning to accept failure is key.

It’s important to model a lack of defensiveness.


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Protect Young Minds

Many of you have read her books to your kids and found them to be an invaluable resource during this unprecedented electronically connected time. And if you haven’t read these books to your kids, after listening to this show, you definitely will. This week Jimmy and Josh sit down with Kristen Jenson, from Protect Young Minds, about her best-selling books, Good Pictures Bad Pictures and her newest, Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr.When should we talk to our children about pornography? To quote Kristen, “As soon as they have internet access.” Think about that...







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The Big Boo Pairadocs Cast

You know ‘em! You love ‘em! And you can’t live without ‘em! I don’t know the numbers on their jerseys, but I do know they’re number 1 in your heart...drum roll, please...This week, the boys sit down with Melanie Shankleand Sophie Hudson, the co-hosts of the Big Boo Cast! They talk about the ladies’ new books, life, love, and not to give too much away...pheasant hunting fashion tips.

The Big Boo Cast

Melanie Shankle

Sophie Hudson

Opal Nugget Ice Maker

Stand All the Way Up by Sophie Hudson

On the Bright Side by Melanie Shankle

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Putting a Lid on Parental Anger

I know you’ve never said this before, but I’m sure you’ve known someone who has exclaimed, “That kid makes me so mad!!”  Anger is an emotion that all parents have experienced, yet parental anger that is expressed in the wrong way can be the most destructive emotional element in any home.  Ouch.  This week, the guys chat about putting a lid on parental anger.

Problem with parental anger:

  1. Things that we say and do that we regret are mostly done in anger
  2. Parental anger is the most destructive emotional element in the home
  3. Most anger is brought about by faulty thinking that is adrenaline induced.
    1. Albert Ellis ABC Model
    2. This is now we KNOW that nothing MAKES you mad.
  4. 90% of parental anger is sin. We sin, but don’t see God’s wrath
  5. We believe it’s justified. But it is never justified.

Solution to parental anger:

  1. Realize first response is your worst response
  2. STOP
    1. Stop and separate
    2. Tone down tension
    3. Open YOUR heart to God
    4. Present Christ to your child

Intimacy: What Is It & Why Is It Important

When Your Child Feels Rejected

Confirmation Bias

  • OMG! This pandemic has done more than just socially segregated us. It has psychologically, emotionally, relationally, and intellectually segregated us. Many of us are trapped in echo chambers that only reinforce what we believe about politics, race, COVID, and a host of other societal issues. Confirmation bias is when we only hear what we want to hear, or expect to hear, without any inclination to consider another point of view. This is toxic for an individual, a couple, or a family. This week the boys discuss a topic that has certainly been around for a while, but has exploded during this unprecedented time in our culture. -----Confirmation BiasPsychological phenomenon that filters out evidence that doesn’t support our preconceived ideas and only allows evidence in that supports our already agreed upon ideas. We set up a “filter bubble”We have mental “schemas” records or tapes in our brain that play on loop. Schemas help us make quick decisions and do things on autopilot. And we begin tosegregate ourselves into tribes that think and feel the same way as we do, which creates more “group think” and confirmation bias. When we have strong opinions and don’t allow for other views, we lose our audience.What do we do?1)Hold our opinions loosely2)Focus on things we have control over3)Get out of our filter bubbles, and talk to people that don’t think like us4)Talk less, listen more-----Dr. Jimmy Myers on Twitter:@docjimmymyers,Instagram:@jmyersfam, andFacebook:@docjimmymyersDr. Josh Myers on Twitter:@docjoshmyers,Instagram:@docjoshmyers, andFacebook:@docjoshmyers

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Undeserved Praise

Is unconditionally loving your child and unconditionally praising your child the same thing?  Maybe not.  In fact, numerous studies indicate that lavishing praise on a child with little or no merit, actually can have a negative impact on the child’s emotional development.  But then again, no praise could indicate emotion emotional neglect.  What’s a parent to do?!  It’s like we’re danged if we do, or danged if we don’t.

Listen in this week as Josh and Jimmy delve into the sticky, and somewhat controversial, topic of undeserved praise.

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