Finding Our Purpose

What is my purpose? How do I find it? Will it change? Can I live without a purpose and what are the effects? Can I miss my purpose? In this episode, Jeff and Terra share their personal stories and how they stumbled upon their unique purposes. They share how they then cultivated a shared meaning as a married couple. They have helped thousands understand their purpose through exploring wiring, story, and God-given talents. The Mattson simplify the common questions and help listeners find freedom and peace, rather than striving and FOMO (fear of missing out). Listen in to better understand your own purpose and how to help those you lead in the home, work, and community do the same!


Jeff and Terra, the hosts of the podcast, are co-founders and co-owners of Living Wholehearted and Courageous Girls. Just celebrating 20 years of marriage, they met with a vision to utilize their education, wirings, and resources to help people dive deeper into relationships with God and others. Whether it’s marriage, parenting, friendships, or work, Jeff and Terra are passionate about connecting the dots between biblical, clinical, and relational wisdom.


If you do not know, Living Wholeheartedis a professional counseling and organizational development firm that helps leaders live and lead with integrity. Courageous Girls a global movement equipping moms to walk with their daughters at every stage of their growing years. Together, they are authors, national speakers, and executive coaches to leaders in a variety of sectors. They are also spokesperson for Christian Parenting and the hosts of the newDearMattsonvideo series. Terra is a licensed marriage and family therapist and licensed professional counselor and Jeff is an organizational consultant and leadership coach. You can read more in their books, Shrinking the Integrity Gap: Between What LeadersPreach and LiveandCourageous: Being Daughters Rooted in Grace, found anywhere you buy books.

Cultivating Happiness in our Homes with Tristen Collins

We have been talking about so many heavy topics, we thought it was time to spend an episode discussing something we all desire...happiness. Some people cringe, thinking that happiness is a shallow and possibility immature emotion. Others sacrifice everything in order to attain happiness for themselves and their children. In this episode, we describe the definition and value of happiness, what the Bible has to say about it, and how we can practically cultivate it in our homes.

Our guest is Jeff and Terra’s friend and colleague, Tristen Collins. Tristen is one of our very first repeat guests and an expert in helping people process all their emotions (Check out her previous interview with her husband, Jon, in episode 16). Tristen is a therapist, a life coach, and author. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, Jon, and their two boys. Jon is the co-founder of The Bible Project and together they wrote Why Emotions Matter. Like Jeff & Terra, Tristen is passionate about helping leaders shrink the gap between what they preach and how we live with clinical insights and biblical truth.

Getting through the Hard Good of Life with Lisa Whittle

Lisa Whittle joins Jeff and Terra and shares her journey of losing her father and her upclose observations watching him do forty years of ministry. She speaks of the good and the hard of life with humor, depth, and practical wisdom. Lisa addresses how to manage emotions through the flood of grieving, loss, and difficult seasons. Listen in for hope and insight around finding purpose, what to do when you are weary and considering shutting down, or are facing an unpredictable future.

God is My Defender - Trauma to Triumph with Rosie Rivera

Everything we do at Living Wholehearted and Courageous Girls is through the lens of trauma-informed theology. God draws near to the brokenhearted and wants to help those who are victimized. In episode 94, Terra talked with Rosie Rivera about her abusive trauma and her relationships with a God she so dearly loves. Rosia is the author of God Is Your Defender: Learning to Stand After Life Has Knocked You Down (Thomas Nelson, June 8, 2021). Through her own journey of trauma, she holds tight to the truth found in Exodus:

“The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprises, businesswoman, television personality, and social media influencer (with over a million followers on Instagram alone), Rosie is one of the most influential and inspirational Latinas in the world. In her new book, God Is Your Defender, Rivera openly shares about the tragic loss of her sister, internationally acclaimed singer Jenni Rivera, in a plane crash in 2012. This thrust Rosie into the spotlight and immediately subjected her to false accusations and lawsuits from people who were trying to take advantage of her in her time of grief and her new position as executor over her sister’s estate and CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprises.

Rosie also opens up about her experience of childhood sexual abuse, being bullied on national television, and even reaching (and recovering from) the brink of divorce. Despite deep hurts like these, she has refused to be beaten down or silenced by the Enemy. Why? Because she knows God is her defender.

Follow on Instagram @rosieriveria or pick up her book, God is Your Defender, anywhere books are sold.

**Warning, this episode is graphic and may trigger anyone with a past history of abuse. Take your time pausing and grounding yourself as you listen and better understand the needs of survivors and the impact of trauma. 

The Exodus Road with David Zach

Human trafficking, especially sex trafficking, is not an easy topic to discuss, but don’t skip this podcast! This issue touches the lives of all of us. This is not just a foreign issue - it affects communities and families everywhere. Tune in and learn how we can all participate in bringing justice, mercy and restoration. Our guest for this episode is David Zack, the lead singer and songwriter for a rock band, and a volunteer with The Exodus Road, an organization bringing holistic and systemic change in the fight to end human trafficking. For the past six years David has helped develop strategic partnerships for TER and he serves as an investigator. He has worked undercover in hundreds of brothels. He has seen, with his own eyes, the terrible reality of human trafficking. Hear the story of how he was drawn to this work, and how his musical gifts and his passion for justice intersect. 

Teaching Our Children to navigate a Pornographic World with Josh Glaser

We all know that pornography is a problem in America. But what many parents don't know is that our kids (boys, and yes, girls too) are susceptible to getting addicted as young as nine years old.

To help us understand this topic, we are joined by Josh Glaser. He is a pastor, speaker, writer, and blogger. Josh has been with Regeneration Ministries since 1999 and has served as Executive Director since 2006. Josh is the author of “Rescue”, a year-round discipleship program for men seeking a deeper relationship with Jesus and freedom from sexual sin. He also recently co-authored (with Daniel Weiss) a new book titled, Treading Boldly Through a Pornographic World: A Field Guide for Parents.

This conversation is filled with grace. We understand this is a process, and it takes courage, but we can lead our children in this area. It begins with our willingness to face our stories. Join the conversation with us today and take a step forward in your journey.

Shame No More with Dr. Richard Shaw

How does one heal from a life of shame? Join us as we dive into a conversation with Dr. Richard Shaw, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Mental Health Counselor. He is also an ordained minister with the International Foursquare Church and he is an Associate Professor of Counseling at George Fox University. He has traveled extensively in the U.S. and overseas to teach and facilitate workshops for his groundbreaking work around shame and grace.

We believe shame and grace are at the root of many of our biggest challenges and deepest wounds, so today we are going to hear from an expert who has dedicated his life to helping people find healing through grace.

Becoming a Woman Today with Bethany Beal of GirlDefined

Are you raising a daughter or mentoring girls? This podcast is for you. Being a girl and a woman today is hard and the messages women are hearing are so confusing!

Join Terra Mattson, co-host of this podcast as well as licensed marriage and family therapist, co-founder of Courageous Girls and author of Courageous: Being Daughters Rooted in Grace, for a conversation with Bethany Beal on what girls need today. Bethany, along with her sister, Kristen, launched GirlDefined Ministries in 2014. GirlDefined is helping the modern girl understand and live out God’s timeless truth for womanhood.

Take a deep breath, because we are diving into topics like; God’s design for women, sexuality, identity, beauty, relationships, romance and more.

Bethany and Kristen have published a new devotional called Shine Bright: 60 Days to Becoming a Girl defined By God. They are also hosting an upcoming GirlDefined conference. Of course, you can find GirlDefined online and on social media.

Ethics of Podcasting: Tips, Tricks, and Truth Telling with Esther Littlefield

Have you ever wanted to start a podcast? Maybe you have a podcast and you are looking for some insider tips. Maybe you listen to podcasts and wonder how they juggle the tensions they hold leading and influencing many. Terra speaks with Esther Littlefield, a business and leadership coach who has years of experience. She offers practical insights and helpful principles to help anyone navigate common pitfalls.

Esther is a marketing strategist and business coach for Christian women who are ready to stop feeling scattered and confused about how to grow their business online. She’s the host of the award-winning Christian Woman Leadership Podcast and the Christian Woman Business Podcast.

She is passionate about helping women lead with confidence, shine online, and amplify their impact. She works with clients to help them cut through the confusion, find clarity, and develop confidence in their marketing strategy so that they can focus on what will truly help them create a business (and life) they love.