The Firm

A bad lawyer shows up to the Pond and convinces some of the creatures to sue for just about everything. They wake up to his scheme when he tries to get them to sue God. 

Where’d the Truth Go?

On one strange day at the Pond, Tony the Frog finds that nobody at the Pond will tell the truth.  He discovers what a nightmare life becomes when he can’t trust anyone. 

New Kid at the Pond

Caroline, the little girl who visits the pond, doesn’t like being the new kid at school. She then hears the story of Bill the Duck, when he was the new creature at the Pond. At first, he didn’t feel like he fit in at all.

Those Silly Rules

Tony the Frog doesn’t like cleaning up after himself. So he stops doing so. And the other pond creatures join in. Suddenly, the world around them becomes an awful mess.

Oh, Those Bullies!

A trouble-making Bobcat shows up at the pond and bullies the Pond creatures. But when a list of bullies comes out, Tony the Frog is also on the list. He realizes he was a bully to one creature and needs to apologize.

The Fued

A cat and dog bring their long running feud to The Pond. Our friends try to get the two of them to work out their differences.


Floyd the Turtle ignores Methuselah’s advice and starts hanging out with mosquitos, who are troublemakers. And, sure enough, they get him into trouble.

The Loud Goose

A loud goose visits the pond and Bill the duck finds him particularly annoying. While he avoids him, he eventually discovers he really likes the guy. He just needed to look past his loudness. 


Tony agrees to watch Bill’s fish, and he doesn’t fulfill his responsibility. And, in classic Pond fashion, the end result is a big mess that Tony must clean up.