During a day of work, Bill the Duck starts complaining about everything. And suddenly he starts to shrink with every complaint.


Floyd gets a chunk of cash and wants to make a purchase, but realizes if he buys it, he won’t have enough to tithe.  So he tries to find a job.  When he fails to get a job, he decides to tithe anyway.

Radioactive Pond

A news crew arrives at The Pond and declares the location radioactive. At first, the Pond creatures panic. But then they realize it’s complete hogwash designed to drum up ratings.


In trying to help figure out why Floyd’s mom is sad, the Pond creatures try to cheer her up, each in their own way.  But when trying to order her a new mop, Floyd inadvertently calls MOPS, Mothers of Pre Schoolers.  Turns out, they were able to help her.

Christmas Ants Part Two

It’s part two of the ants who were at the manger, with the job to keep the hostile insects away. But when Jesus arrives, they are surprised to see Him arrive in such a peaceful manner.

Christmas Ants Part One

The Christmas story is told through army ants who were there to prepare the area for the King of Kings. Their job: Keep hostile insects away.  Even they had no idea what was to come.

Too Cool for Something New

Tony the Frog gets injured playing basketball, his favorite sport. He tries to find something he can do and still beat other creatures. But that simply doesn’t happen. He learns it’s not good to seek attention for himself.

Job Hunt

The Pond creatures decide to earn money to help out some non-com radio stations. Floyd has some trouble getting a job, though, as he doesn’t have any experience and only wants to work for a few weeks.

Army Recruits

The Pond creatures notice the army ants are gone.  And because they left, locusts target the Pond for attack. The pond creatures have to help stop the locusts and get the ants back to work.