Army Recruits

The Pond creatures notice the army ants are gone.  And because they left, locusts target the Pond for attack. The pond creatures have to help stop the locusts and get the ants back to work.

The Hitter

An Owl with a hitting problem visits the Pond. Eventually the hitting gets him in trouble with the Federal Bureau of Intimidation, who turn his arms into cheese puffs. He ends up in jail, before the Pond creatures tell him about redemption and help him recover. 

Respect Your Elders

Tony the frog becomes very impatient, which leads to a disrespectful outburst to some elders.  And suddenly all the Pond creatures we know and love become elderly and learn some difficult lessons. 



Miracle for One Please

Floyd loses a very special family heirloom.  The other creatures also help.  Floyd prays for a miracle. The heirloom isn’t found until Floyd helps someone else.


Eat Your Food

For some reason, all the healthy food at the pond becomes bland. Turns out, it occurred due to Floyd’s bad attitude toward healthy food or any new food.

The Rule Makers

A group of hyper sensitive rule makers come to the pond and put up signs telling creatures to not disrupt nature in any way. The pond gets help from creatures from all around to protest the nonsense.

Methuselah’s Ark

Methuselah tells the story of how his great-great (and so on) grandfather entered Noah’s Ark.

I’m So Domesticated

A housecat arrives at the pond and she thinks quite highly of herself because she’s “domesticated.” But when she gets locked out of the house, she comes to the pond creatures for help.

No is the Loneliest Word

Tony the Frog doesn’t feel quite right.  Then he gets a diagnosis he doesn’t like: he’s experiencing guilt and learns he must deal with it.  And a big part of the cure is admitting what he did and making it right.