Our Need for Family Worship

Does your family pray and read the Bible together? With crazy schedules and spiritual obstacles, many families struggle to have a consistent time of family prayer and Bible reading. Join Dr. Rob Rienow as he shares key Scriptures and practical encouragements for how your family can grow together in this essential Christian practice of family worship.

Helping Our Children Spend Time with God

Does your child have a personal relationship with God? Does your child spend alone time with God, talking to Him in prayer and reading His Word? Every believer needs the "spiritual meal" of personal time with God. Join Dr. Rob Rienow as he shares biblical principles and practical approaches to helping your children grow in their personal relationship with God.

Your Kids Need the Church

Sunday school and youth group can make a huge difference in the life of a child or teenager. But the centerpiece of our lives at church is the weekly worship service. Throughout the Bible, children were included in the corporate worship gathering. In this episode, Dr. Rob Rienow will encourage you with a vision to help your whole family worship God together at church.

Rejection & Depression at Hom‪e‬

Rejection is one of the most painful experiences a child can have. Rejection is often a root for depression, anxiety, and even suicidal patterns. Join Dr. Rob and Amy Rienow for this important conversation about how to find our hope and security in God, and help our children to the same.

Encouragement for Single Parents

Single parents face unique challenges. The "to do" list is overwhelming! In today's episode Dr. Rob and Amy Rienow share hope, encouragement, and practical ways you can connect with your children and help them follow God.

Not So Perfect Mom, Part 2

When it comes to parenting, we have all made mistakes, are making mistakes, and will make more mistakes. Amy Rienow shares the ups and downs of her motherhood journey, and key Scriptures that God has used to continually remind her to give her best to the things that matter most. You will be encouraged to pursue a love relationship with your children so that you can help them pursue a love relationship with God.

Parenting Through Sexual Confusion

Our kids are growing up in a sexually confused and supercharged culture. Every person, every child, struggles in some form or another with sexual sin and struggle. In this episode, Dr. Rob Rienow offers biblical principles and practical guidance for loving and leading our children through areas of sexual struggle and confusion.

Teaching Your Kids Sexuality 101

We live in a culture of sexual confusion, chaos, and lies. Christian parents need to understand God's truth about manhood, womanhood, marriage, and sexuality and we need a plan to help share that truth with our children. In this episode, Dr. Rob Rienow will equip you with essential biblical principles about sexuality along with practical ways to share them with your children.

The Influence of the Firstborn Child

Firstborn children make a huge impact in a family system. Leadership and character can trickle down from the oldest child to younger siblings, and the opposite is also true. Join Dr. Rob and Amy Rienow, along with their special guest, RW Rienow. They share their stories, key Scriptures, and parenting strategies to help your firstborn child be a spiritual leader for the next generation.