Mary Beth Chapman on the journey of life, motherhood, adoption, and hope through grief

We are so lucky to have Mary Beth Chapman on the show today. Mary Beth is a mother to 6 kiddos with her husband, singer/songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman and are adoptive parents of 3 from China.


Mary Beth is an author of the book, Choosing to See: A Journey of Struggle and Hope.

Her book details the tragedy of losing their youngest adoptive child and the hope that God brings them in the darkest places and co-founder of non-profit Show Hope that helps break down barriers between waiting children and loving families.


Mary Beth and I talk about life before fame, the wonderful and hard journey of adoption, and their non-profit that helps other families adopt.

Mary Beth is so down to earth and vulnerable in this conversation. I promise our conversation will be a bright spot in your week.


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Navigating Friendships with our Kids

If you are a parent, you know helping our kids navigate friendships is a big part of parenting. That’s why today I wanted to bring on my friend and producer Jeanette Tapley to give us all the advice on helping our kids make and become good friends.


We talk about everything from drama to boundaries; it all makes this show.

  • Can we pick our kids' friends?
  • How do we foster good friendships for our kids?
  • Can we read our kids’ text messages and social messages?
  • How do we model friendship?
  • Do we tell our kids about our past mistakes?


We cover it all!  Whether you are dealing with mean girl drama, or a new teen who needs some help setting boundaries, this is the friendship episode for you.

Raising grateful kids

Wanna raise grateful kids? Here are a few tips to help keep gratitude at the forefront in your family.


We all need a little extra dose of gratitude this year and since November is the month of being thankful, I thought this would be the perfect time to make sure we did a few things as a family that kept gratitude front and center.


Join us on our grateful challenge this month!


Listen to this episode for simple ways we are helping our family keep gratitude at the center and some things you can do today; like implementing a gratitude jar, journal, or ideas to encourage others.


Breaking down barriers and seeing others well with Carlos Whittaker

Today we have the definition of Be Love. do good on our podcast, our guest Carlos Whittaker. You may have read Carlos’ books, or maybe you have seen his good deeds on Good Morning America, the Nick Cannon Show, or anywhere they have gone viral, like raising a tip for Tonee the Piano man, or helping a woman get a service dog, or helping teens in Brooklyn.

Carlos sees people, like really sees people. People call him the Hope Dealer. He gives hope to people everyday and shares it with his hundreds of thousands of social media followers.

He gets to the heart of people and his passion is to help others see people too. People who are different from you, people you have bias against, people who get on your last nerve.

Today Carlos tells us story after story of how he has seen people tear down the walls and get to know others, which brings perspective and open hearts. Carlos gives us tangible ways of how to take the first step.

I promise you, you will be so encouraged and inspired to see others and love others better after this interview.

I am so thankful for people like Carlos in this world. He truly makes this world a better place.

Making intentional parenting simple starts with you!

The relatable and hilarious Jami Nato is sharing making intentional parenting simple. I love how she gives us permission to not do all the things. Just one thing at a time when it comes to parenting, and it starts with us!

Jami is the best at sharing ideas that all of us can do! Jami is a blogger, amazing mother, speaker, and one of my favorite parent Instagram influencers.

Today she talks about so many wise nuggets, especially to make intentional parenting simple, and how it starts with giving grace to ourselves.


Some things we chat about:

  • We talk about how to recognize what is going on in our own heart and get our heart peaceful and right so we can express that to our kids. That comes first.
  • How to help our kids navigate this world through open and hard conversations.
  • How carpool is the dream machine when it comes to having intentional conversations with our kids.
  • How to help our kids learn how to navigate the difficult things through a gospel lens.
  • Creating a space for them to normalize their feelings and emotions.
  • God gave us these exact children for a reason.
  • How to dig into the heart of your child and build intentional relationships.
  • Give yourself grace. Stop believing the lies that you are a bad parent or not enough.

Raising Self-Sufficient, Independent, Problem-Solving Kids

Today I am in the podcast closet alone, talking about something that inspires me.

When my kids were little my husband traveled during the week. I was exhausted and needed my kids to chip in and help make their lunches, lay out their clothes, small things that made a big difference; things that helped me out.


What I found is that by helping my kids learn to be responsible for their own things, contribute around the house and learn some life skills at an early age, it would pay off in the end.


Today we are talking about how to LET GO as parents, trust our kids and guide them to being their own problem solvers. Sometimes it’s more about US letting go of control and letting our kids make some decisions on their own.

Help I am drowning! What to do when life feels overwhelming?

Today I am interviewing Sally Clarkson, author of multiple parenting books, speaker, blogger, mother to 4 grown amazing children. Sally is the mentor everyone wants to have coffee with. Everyone wants Sally on speed dial when a problem arises in parenting. Sally is a gentle reminder that you are the perfect parent for your kids.

Today we talk about her new book Help, I am drowning, Weathering the Storms of Life with GRACE and HOPE.

Can we really love everyone? Ways to help ourselves and our kids resolve conflict and love others who are hard to love.

This week I have the powerhouse Ashley Abercrombie author of   Love is the Resistance: Learn to Disagree, Resolve the Conflicts You’ve Been Avoiding and Create Real Change, and we are talking about the last phrase of our napkin note: LOVING OTHERS, not the people who are easy to love, but the ones we have a hard time loving. You know who they are. And before you roll your eyes at me and think- but that person is just too hard, too different, too opinionated, too ______; listen to this episode about handling conflict, being an example to our kids, and teaching our kids to love, respect, and be curious about other’s stories.

What we find is that we are much closer than we seem if we just get to know each other.


Ashley Abercrombie is like your favorite big sister, teaching you truth through the most loving heart. Ashley is a speaker and writer, popular podcastor of the podcast Why Tho. She is the author of Rise of the Truth Teller: Own Your Story, Tell it Like it is, and Live with Holy Gumption, and the forthcoming  Love is the Resistance: Learn to Disagree, Resolve the Conflicts You’ve Been Avoiding and Create Real Change


What does it mean to Protect the Weak - 3 ways we can help our family come alongside others.

You probably know now, if you listened to our latest episodes, that a simple lunchbox note changed our lives.

Today I am talking about the second phrase on that note “Protect the Weak” - what that means to us, how we live that out, and how as families we can do this together.