God Created You To Be You with Jamie Ivey

What if we truly embraced the idea that God designed and created each of us to be who we are? What if we actually believed that God gave us unique talent and gifts meant just for us? Learn to shift your mind and begin to understand what God has just for you in this episode of the allmomdoes Podcast with Julie Lyles Carr.

Being Set Free by God with Kim Walker-Smith of Jesus Culture

What does it look like when you are set free in your life by God? Kim Walker-Smith of Jesus Culture joins Julie Lyles Carr on episode #141 of the allmomdoes Podcast. They talk about her journey, the pain and anger she had to overcome in her life, what it was like to allow Jesus to set her free, and what it is like to be led into a career she never expected.

Myquillyn Smith - Welcome Home

No matter what the world says, embracing the seasons does not require bins of factory-made décor or loads of time. Myquillyn joins Julie Lyles Carr on episode #140 with tips and tricks for decorating and hosting all year round.

Matthew West - Your Story Matters

What if you could say to 2020, "You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good." On this episode of the podcast you'll be reminded that God has an incredible story written for you and it doesn't end because of quarantine. Take a listen today to singer, songwriter, dad, husband, podcast host, Matthew West who joins Julie Lyles Carr with laughs and wisdom to brighten up your day!

Amy & Jeff Olrick - The 6 Needs of Every Child

Faith teaches that we are made for and formed by relationship. Science powerfully reveals this to be true. And the most foundational of all human relationships is the relationship between parent and child. For parents who feel pulled in a hundred directions, dizzied by the volume of clashing strategies, and jaded by the parenting programs that complicated their own childhoods, The 6 Needs of Every Child is a groundbreaking roadmap integrating the science of connection with practical tools. On this episode of the allmomdoes Podcast, Amy and Jeff Olrick join Julie Lyles Carr to help equip us with the 6 needs of every child.

Shari Rigby - Finding Your True Identity

You might know her from October Baby & Overcomer. She has a new book out called Consider the Lilies. On this episode of the allmomdoes Podcast we welcome Shari Rigby. This conversation on identity, how our identity is shaped, and where we can look to for our true identity is essential for all of us. Are you allowing God to speak to you about your identity? Tune in for a reminder of how the creator of the universe has a plan just for you.

Kari Kampakis - Parenting Teens & Tweens Well

If you have a tween in the house or teen or are heading in that direction and you want to make sure that you are ready for the battle join us on this episode as we talk with Kari Kampakis on how to parent our teens and tweens well.

Jessica Smartt - Let Them Be Kids

We welcome Jessica Smartt to episode #135 of the allmomdoes Podcast to dig into the concept of how much time our kids need to play, do activities, school, etc. How do we know when we should give them more freedom? How do we know when they are ready for certain technology? Jessica is a great guide for helping us determine these things in our own households.

Lisa Whittle - Jesus Over Everything

What does it look like to put Jesus over everything when we are faced with in the busy life we lead? Lisa Whittle joins Julie Lyles Carr on episode #134 with practical advice on how to refocus, prioritize, and find freedom in the life you are living to use the greatest gifts and talent you've been given.