The Parenting Teens Summit

As a parent of two teens and two younger children, and as the editor of, I was surprised and somewhat appalled that I had never heard of Axis until now. Axis is a ten-year-old ministry whose strategy is simple, yet incredibly unique: they are culture translators. They stay abreast of the pulse of culture, allows them to bridge the gap between generations by translating the lingo and philosophy of teen pop culture while explaining and interpreting it in ways that older generations understand. By speaking the languages of both generations, they hope to bring common ground and open the way for understanding.

As they’ve grown, they saw a need to expand their vision to include parents and grandparents in the discipleship process. “Families shouldn’t be outsourced; they should be resourced to better disciple the next generations into logical, lifelong, life-changing faith in Jesus Christ!” From that vision has come the Parenting Teen Summit. Co-founder David Eaton spoke with us about this summit and how all parents can benefit from it.

CP: Who or what is Axis and why are you hosting a “Virtual Parenting Teens Summit”?

David: Axis is a Christian ministry that helps parents and their teens communicate and understand each other. Some call us miracle workers. Ha! 

At Axis we believe in the incredible power that parents have to influence their child over a lifetime. Here’s a great story! A young lady said to us, “I’ve only had one real conversation with my dad.” We were really sad to hear this until she paused and said, “The beautiful thing is that we have never stopped having that one conversation.” 

Axis exists to resource parents to be ready to connect with their teens and have “one conversation” with them that lasts a lifetime. 

The is amazing and it will help strengthen the “one conversation”. We’ve interviewed over 45 incredible Christian authors and thought leaders. Many of them you have heard of like Dr. Tim Keller, Dr. Ravi Zacharias, Dr. Kara Powell, and Dr. Gary Chapman. But what is also amazing is that there are many people that are new and upcoming and they are content experts that spoke on topics ranging from parenting, video games, virtual reality, gender, and social media etc. We ask everyone we interview to take their world class content and direct it toward practical advice and wisdom for parenting teens. 

Parents have been thrilled to be able to access this incredible content from the phones, iPads, and laptops. 

CP: Why should readers take time to log on and experience these talks? 

David: Isn’t it amazing that you can have access to this incredible content and you don’t have to leave your home, your family, and work? You also don’t have to purchase a flight or rent a car. You don’t even have to buy a ticket—you just reserve a ticket for free at

And the content is great. It will help you understand and connect with your teens immediately. Your kids and grandkids need you. They are growing up in a complex world and without wisdom from their parents, bad things happen. But there is hope, and this resource will help you strengthen your family.

CP: What sort of topics will be covered?

David: Sex, Technology, Parenting, Doubt, Gender, Entertainment, Video Games, Discipleship, etc. Honestly, it is really cool to see all the wisdom represented across diverse topics in this online event. 

CP: Can you summarize the main idea that viewers will come away with?

David: We take all of the 45+ talks and we put them into three categories: 

1. Know Teen Culture. 

2. Connect the Generations  

3. Develop Your Teens Heart.

All of these three categories lead to the overarching theme of building your teens’ faith into a lifelong faith.

CP: Is this summit suitable for teens, too, or just the adults in their lives?

David: The is designed for parents and grandparents. But many families are actually watching some of the talks as a family! They are using it to start meaningful conversations with their kids. 

CP: How can I sign up?

David: Go to and reserve your free ticket now. Then get ready to learn so much about parenting teens and pre-teens from leading Christian thought leaders!

Editor’s Note: each video is available from the time of publication on the schedule and for up to three days afterward. Then the sessions will be locked. So add the sessions to your calendar and get online to watch them on time or shortly thereafter. An optional strategy is to purchase their lifetime all-access pass for $125, which makes the entire summit available at any time. But that is optional!