Pardon the Mess Podcast (Ep. 3.25) : Protect young minds from pornography

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When it comes to technology, we’re raising our kids in a completely different world than the one we grew up in. The advancement of technology has provided some great benefits for our kids, most recently seen with online schooling successes during COVID-19. But technology has also given rise to some really sad statistics showing a steep increase in pornography use during quarantine.

Kristen Jenson, founder of Protect Young Minds, joins us today to discuss the impact of pornographic material on our kids. She highlights the importance of equipping them to deal with exposure to pornography from an early age. She believes the best filter we can provide is an internal filter, setting up a plan for dealing with pornography when our kids are inevitably exposed to it.

Kristen offers a great working definition of the topic and some easy ways to get past the awkwardness we may feel in discussing it with our kids. The reality is that really great kids are forced to deal with this issue in their lives, and as parents, we have the opportunity to set the stage for their success.

Don’t miss this encouraging and necessary conversation on a hard topic we will all face in parenting.

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