Pardon the Mess Podcast (Ep. 2.9): Susie Hawkins: Celebrating Passover as Christians

Easter is quickly approaching, and sometimes it’s challenging to keep our kids focused more on Jesus and less on the baskets.

Let me ask you this: Have you ever gathered around the table with friends and family for a traditional Seder meal in celebration of Passover? Me neither.

But today we get to chat with Susie Hawkins about celebrating the Passover tradition with our families as Holy Week approaches.

Exploring the concept of the Seder meal helps us better understand the Jewish background of the Last Supper celebrated by Jesus and step into the story of Christ with our families. Don’t worry: this is totally doable with any age kids, and there’s no right or wrong as we get outside the box and help our kids gain a larger perspective on the life of Christ.

Listen to Susie’s suggestions and then jump over to for a more detailed plan for starting the Seder tradition in your home.

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