Pardon the Mess Podcast (Ep. 3.1) : Luke Lezon

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Happy New Year!

It’s that time of year when we find ourselves in a post-Christmas, tight-pants, can’t-remember-when-we-last-ate-a-vegetable stupor. Yet there’s still a fleeting tinge of optimism bubbling up as we face a new year and new opportunities for change.

Or is that just me?

This month on Pardon the Mess, we’re doing a miniseries we’ve lovingly nicknamed “New Year, New You.” We’re tackling some of the areas of life that so often become areas of resolution this time of year.

We will focus on physical health, emotional health, financial health, and more. As always, we will approach these subjects biblically and from the lens of how it best honors the Lord and impacts our parenting for his kingdom.

As we kickoff this miniseries, today we have a conversation with Luke Lezon. (Anyone who writes a book titled Your Mess Matters is a shoo-in for our podcast.) Luke shares what the proverbial mess has looked like in his life and how the Lord has been so good to turn his mess into a ministry.

Although he’s very candid in suggesting we stop praying for relief and start looking for God’s provision and faithfulness, he’s also very practical in suggesting how to best ground ourselves when we’re living in the middle of the mess (which, as parents, I might suggest is all of the time).

What a great way to kickoff January, remembering that no matter the mess we may face in 2020, we have a God who is in the business of making our mess matter for his kingdom!

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