Pardon the Mess Podcast (Ep. 2.39) : Kay Wyma

A show of hands for anyone who might need a few deep breaths as we’re headed into the final lap before the big day?

Christmas often brings out our very best—generosity, focus on Jesus, time with friends and family. Christmas also may bring out our worst—exhaustion, materialism, sadness. You’re not alone if you’re feeling stressed, tired, overwhelmed, sad, excited, grateful, and everything in between.

Kay Wyma, author, blogger, and mother of five shares practical ways to experience true Christmas joy. She encourages us to hydrate for the holidays by practicing kindness, relishing the regular, and stopping to simply look up (literally).

Kay is my dear friend, and I am so grateful to have her join us again on Pardon the Mess. I was so refreshed by her words that a few times I forgot we were recording. She takes the Christmas carol “Joy to the World” and breaks it down beautifully, reminding us that you experience joy by trusting the One in whom you have faith.

I didn’t just enjoy hearing from Kay today – I needed to hear it. I have a feeling you will feel the same way. She’s got a word for all of us as we run errands and make last minute preparations for Christmas. And don’t miss the very end where she gives us a few thoughts on entitlement and how to overcome it with our kids this time of year.

Listen now!

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