Pardon the Mess Podcast (Ep. 2.37) : Amy Parker

As we wrap up our Nashville series, we are excited to give you a word from Amy Parker. Amy has written and co-written more than sixty books for children, teens, and adults, with 1.8 million copies sold. She has collaborated with authors ranging from New York Times bestsellers to her very own son.

Amy shares with us how her calling to write books came about, and the setbacks she experienced as she pursued her career as an author. She has a good word for anyone who feels led to write a book and gives practical steps in doing so.

Amy and her husband have two sons, and she talks honestly about what has been hard in parenting and the places where she has had to let the Lord take the wheel (literally) along the way.

My favorite part of the interview was at the very end when Amy read a portion of one of her devotionals. It was really sweet, and you won’t want to miss it. For anyone thinking about writing a book, this is a great word from someone who is a pro!


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