Pardon the Mess Podcast (Ep. 2.34) : Rockstar Parenting with Helen Smallbone

What does the band For King and Country have in common with the Christian vocalist Rebecca St. James?

They are all Helen Smallbone’s children, and she’s with us today on Pardon the Mess.

Helen Smallbone and her husband moved from Australia to Nashville with their seven children, hoping for a new beginning after literally losing everything financially. Once they arrived in the US, their family was forced to start over in all respects, working together to put food on the table and rebuild their lives from the ground up.

All of the Smallbone children are grown now, giving Helen a wonderful perspective on raising kids. I loved her thoughts on the importance of fixing bad attitudes in children and not just focusing on their behavior.

She also had a great word on the priority of building lasting relationships with our kids, especially when it’s so tempting to focus on the temporary things that can easily fill our days. And her thoughts on taking a parental time-out to pray for the Lord’s guidance . . . well, that was definitely a word I needed to hear.

Helen Smallbone is another fun interview from our Nashville series, and I can’t wait for you to hear her great parenting wisdom!


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