Pardon the Mess Podcast (Ep. 2.13) Part One: pureHope. Noel Bouché and Aszia Pearson Talk Parenting In A Sexualized Culture

“Let’s talk about sex, baby.”

If you’re a product of the 1990s and have a little bit of Salt-N-Pepa wherewithal, you might have just gotten that reference. If not, I apologize.

Today on Pardon the Mess, we have the great privilege or talking with Noel Bouché and Aszia Pearson of the pureHOPE organization about sex. Well, about more than that . . . but ultimately that’s the topic of the day.

pureHOPE aims to equip Christians to experience and model God’s love, purity, and justice in a sexualized culture. As related to our parenting, Noel and Aszia talk candidly about the importance of speaking always and often to our kids about sex, reminding us that we want their knowledge in this area to come from a biblical perspective, not from the loads of other sources that will inevitably try to inform them.

This is the first of a two-part series we are sharing with pureHOPE. Our goal is to be informative, practical, and biblical when it comes to a subject that many of us are less than comfortable discussing.

There’s something in this for everyone, so join in on the discussion!

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