One More Gift

There was a new gaming system that had come out for the Christmas holiday, but our boys didn’t ask for it.

They had a LOT of games and devices for their old system (which wasn’t very old). The new system wouldn’t run those games and would require replacements. So, they didn’t ask for the new system, even though, every time we went to a store, they would rush over to play the display model.

Jim and I talked about it. We didn’t love all the time the boys spent playing those games, so we decided they didn’t need a whole new system to swallow up more of their time. But, whenever we went in a store and watched the boys make a beeline for it, we felt a tug at our hearts.

They never asked for it. They just wanted it.

A Surprising Gift

Christmas rolled around and all the gifts had been opened. The boys were about to gather their stuff and take it to their rooms when I said, “Wait a minute. I forgot one.” It was a small box I had tucked into the tree, with both of their names on it.

They opened it up and it was a game for that new system. They looked at us confused.

Then Jim carried in the big box.

The boys jumped up in shock and shouted loudly enough for our neighbors to hear!

Jim and I got the biggest hugs, and one of them even wiped a tear of joy off his face.

They never asked for it, but they had just received their favorite Christmas gift of the year. In fact, they still recall that Christmas with a grin.

One More Gift

Sometimes we give something simply for the joy of giving. Other times we give to meet a need.

Could you give one more gift?

Between now and New Year’s Eve, you will see a lot of emails from a lot of deserving ministries. is one of those. Will you pray about giving one more gift—to us?

Lately I’ve been describing this ministry as a rocket ship, ready to launch. We are growing right now, rapidly, and we are thrilled. We have a new format, a new website, a new podcast, and a “renewed” purpose.

Launching this rocketship will require extra fuel. That is why I’m asking you to give.

Our primary goal for next year is to help as many parents as possible discover this ministry so we can provide them trusted guidance for parenting. Our culture is changing, and our goal is to help parents navigate those changes with relevant, biblical truth.

Your donation will fund the website, the content, new resources, and the important marketing necessary to send God’s word to as many parents as possible.

Would you consider making the one more gift you give this Christmas?


We honestly need your help to accomplish this kingdom ministry.

Thank you for praying about this. Any and every gift will be used carefully and faithfully.

We wish your family a blessed and happy new year.