Making Easter Spiritually Meaningful for Kids

Easter is a busy, exciting celebration for the Christian faith. But between chocolate, eggs, and a certain furry animal who likes to hide them both, it’s easy to lose sight of what the holiday is all about. Yes, bunnies and chicks are fun and festive, but Jesus triumphing over death to free humanity from sin? Definitely something to celebrate, right? So, how do we make sure to have a fun and spiritually fulfilling Easter?

Family traditions are a great way to keep the themes of the holiday in front of mind.

Start out on the right foot.

You might consider starting your Easter by putting the reason for the celebration front and center while reading Luke 23-24:7 together. During this season, it might also make sense to give a family prayer of thanks for Jesus’ resurrection at the beginning of the day.

Use music!

Music is a fun, festive way to celebrate and there are a huge number of songs out there about Easter. Take a bit of time to look online for songs that speak both to your faith and your family’s musical tastes. With a fun holiday mix to listen to in the car or around the house, you can make the whole day feel like a special event that celebrates the resurrection in a way your entire family can enjoy.

Talk about rebirth in nature.

Children (and adults for that matter) can learn lessons from the natural world around us. Easter falling in springtime is no accident. If you go outside for an Easter Egg Hunt or even for a walk, take time to talk to kids about what they see. A few months before, plant life appeared dead and the world was colder. Now things are beginning to grow again. Explain how this is like a smaller version of what Jesus did on Easter. For while plant life only lays dormant during the winter, Jesus was actually dead, only to rise again, like a springtime for all humanity. (Jesus is a fan of using parables to teach, so why not take a page from his book, right?)

Keep the Easter “stuff” related to your faith

You don’t have to do without all the additional trappings of Easter (Who doesn’t enjoy some chocolate on a beautiful Spring day?) but you can make sure that the message of the holiday isn’t masked. Weaving in elements of faith is actually pretty easy for Easter. There are no rules for what is or isn’t in an Easter basket, after all. By including a new children’s devotional or cross necklace in their basket, you’re showing that signs of faith are also to be treasured.

It’s all related!

By integrating faith traditions into how your family celebrates Easter at home, you help them connect to what’s talked about in church this time of year. By doing this, this helps them see faith and life as integrated, rather than setting aside only church as “the place where we recognize God.”

Photo Credit: Beth Cloutier