Dear August Mom,

Written by Cynthia Yanof
Published on August 12, 2019

I feel you. It happens to all of us at least once or twice over the years. There are plenty of feel-good summer articles flooding our social media, but I bring this word for those of us who started strong in June but are limping our way to the August finish line. 

On that last day of school, we had grandiose aspirations. We had never been more optimistic than rolling through the car pool lane with our “Happy Summer!” shoe-polished car, ready to kick off summer with a snow cone. We had it all back then: the giant flamingo raft floating in the pool, healthy snacks in the fridge, family devotionals planned, and endless energy for all the shenanigans and great family fun awaiting us. 

But now it’s August—and I have some choice words for that same woman who said, “Not too many camps for my kids! I want plenty of time with them.” 

I can promise you that I will not subject myself to one more second of the foot aroma at the jump zone, and I’ve made my last hair-ball-infested trip around the lazy river at the water park. I’ve stepped on my last rogue Band-Aid at the public pool and spent my last penny watching the Marvel superheroes. 

I’m done. El fin. No mas.

I know I’m not alone because I see it in your eyes as we exchange glances at Target. We don’t need words to communicate how truly unbelievable it is to be buying more groceries to feed these people. There ain’t nobody who wants to shuck another ear of corn on the cob, and the thought of cutting up another watermelon makes me want to meet sweet Jesus today. 

Our great plans to work out before the kids wake up have been overshadowed by incessant snacking and a vow to get “on the wagon” when school starts. And it’s officially two thousand degrees out there, so make no apologies if moving to unlimited data feels like the next right thing. 

So what that maybe our stellar parenting moments are starting to be eclipsed with a little bit of crazy? Many years ago, I heard someone say, “If your kids haven’t sent you over the edge once or twice, you’re not spending enough time with them.” 

Can I get an amen?

But you know what? It’s August, and school is about to start, and we did it

Here’s to us August Moms. We started strong and ended stronger kept them alive. 

I’ve written a little “ode” I hope will encourage all of us who may not have weathered summer quite as well as we had anticipated. 

Be kind to yourself and remember two things: You’re not alone, and we’re only ten months away from a do-over. 

An Ode to Summer

June, you’re ambitious and you bring out my great.
We’re filled with summer anticipation, like totally can’t wait.
School seemed eternal, the days went on and on,
If summer lovin’ is right, well, I don’t want to be wrong.
We’re killing it with family cookouts, lemonade stands and more,
Why’d I stop at three kids? I totally could have handled four.
Bedtime? What’s that? I mock you, routine.
We’re living our best life (which is impressive with a teen).
July, you’re the midpoint. We’re still holding strong.
My patience is waning, but I’m still the fun mom.
We’ve celebrated our country and lit up the sky.
More notably, I’ve held it together answering the four-thousandth “Why?”
Our vacation was amazing, picture-perfect in every way,
but oh the complaining by children who don’t pay. 
My playlist is still humming with great summer songs,
but I’m starting to hate Monopoly and will pass on ping-pong. 
My house looks like a war zone, but August doesn’t care.
I’m stuck in purgatory with the fighting and “It’s not fair!”
I’m out of fun ideas, and our bank account is bleeding.
Don’t say it, I beg you. Tell someone else what you’re needing. 
Summer bucket list, you were a pipedream. I bid you farewell.
Yes, I read that article: “Only 18 summers,” so live them well. 
In the old days we went outside, riding bikes and playing tag,
but, 2019, you’ve upped the mom skills: I’m throwing the white flag. 
In all seriousness, I pray you had an amazing summer and the Lord blessed you with lots of family time and opportunities to rest. It goes without saying that raising our kids is a great privilege. But in the event your kids sent you a tad bit over the edge like mine did the last few months, well thank goodness his mercies are new every morning. Great is thy faithfulness!

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Cynthia Yanof

Cynthia Yanof is a wife, mom, blogger, and the host of the Pardon the Mess podcast. She has a relaxed style of interviewing, combining her quick wit and sense of humor with a firm commitment to never taking herself too seriously.

She loves Jesus, her family, foster care, and having lots of friends around her as often as possible. Cynthia is relatable, real, and a friend to all of us just trying to walk the parenting road in a meaningful way that’s pleasing to the Lord.

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