Rebecca Greebon

"Rebecca has been married to her college sweetheart, Gregg, for 15 years and together they have three rambunctious children: Luke, Drew, and Emry. With a family that is ""out-going, active and full of spice,"" Rebecca's everyday world consists of kids and chaos, which sometimes (ok, many times) overwhelms her, but she ""wouldn't trade it for anything."" In addition to writing and speaking, Rebecca serves as the Director of Women's Ministry for her church. She is devoted to making spiritual family and community a way of life as opposed to just a concept. Her blogs and lessons revolve around this central idea, so when you stop in to read or listen,  you'll find  a tone of solidarity, encouragement, authenticity and a healthy dose of laughter (especially at herself). She started writing because she has a passion to share with all the other girls (and guys) out there just how amazing they are, and how much they are loved, and how important and blessed every day is. Connect with Rebecca via her blog, Facebook page, or Twitter account."

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