Megan Smalley

Megan Smalley is the author of Give Grace: How to Embrace the Beauty of Life’s Brokenness and the founder of the nationally recognized Give Grace campaign, which helps individuals embrace their sorrow and get through difficult seasons with grace. She is also the CEO of the online clothing shop Scarlet & Gold and founder of The Infertility Sisterhood, a community of women supporting one another through sharing their hearts, fears, struggles, and successes.  Megan grew up loving the Lord, but she wasn’t truly tested in her faith until she faced a personal battle with infertility. Now the proud mother of three miracle boys, including twins, is devoting her platform to sharing grace with others, encouraging them that the challenges they face are not in vain, and inspiring them to give grace in return. Megan lives in Auburn with her family managing her shop, creating content, and delighting in life’s simple moments with those she loves the most. Visit

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