Ashley Abercrombie

Ashley Abercrombie fought to overcome addiction, rape, abortion, perfectionism and dysfunctional relationships to become an honest, whole and free woman (most days). She wore a mask more than half her life, and considers herself too old, and too annoyed to ever put that thing on again. Ashley is a speaker, writer, and advocate, with a passion for justice, particularly anti-human trafficking and mass incarceration initiatives. Ashley's first book, Rise of the Truth Teller: Own Your Story, Tell it Like it is, and Live with Holy Gumption released with Baker Books on October 1, 2019, and is available wherever books are sold. She is cohost of the Why Tho Podcast, and profile speaker for Womens Speaker Collective. Ashley, and her husband Cody, are almost brain dead from sleep deprivation because of raising their two incredible sons, Levi and Lucas, but strong coffee every three hours helps. Connect with Ashley on her website:

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