A note from ChristianParenting

ChristianParenting.org is pleased to announce Cynthia Yanof as the new brand manager for the ministry. Cynthia brings a unique set of gifts and talents that will help expand and enrich the existing content we provide our readers. The “remodeling” process is in full swing, but, like most renovations, the project is taking longer than expected. We look forward to the days ahead. Until then, here is a word from Cynthia:


Do you feel like you’re swimming against the current as you raise your kids in today’s culture?  Do the biblical principles you’ve built as a foundation for your family seem to be getting further away from all that is happening around you?

Well, you are not alone.

At ChristianParenting.org, we are believers just like you, and we are committed to raising our children to know God and live as lights to those around us. We believe that the Lord has a message for each of us parenting in today’s culture: know his word, stay committed to teaching it, and be strong in the Lord (Deuteronomy 6:6–7; Joshua 1:9).

Our ministry needed to grow quiet for a while, to rest and pray for new direction. We are now working to make some changes. Our website and its content will reflect the new direction in the coming months:

  • Our new tagline and focus will be: “Raise your children to know and value Christ in a culture that doesn’t.”
  • Our website will offer short videos giving biblical and practical responses to parenting issues in today’s culture.
  • New articles will discuss parenting issues and provide current advice from leading Christian experts in their respective fields.
  • We will include faith stories from Christian parents who have faced difficulties in their journeys but have seen the Lord’s provision for their families.
  • And we will offer practical devotional helps to be used as a family.

When you break it all down, we have a common goal—to raise our kids to know and value Christ, even when it seems to be increasingly countercultural. This is best accomplished by everyday faith in God and a commitment to following his word in the small and big moments of everyday life.

We are thankful you have joined us on this journey. We ask that you continue to subscribe to our site and share it with others. Please reach out to us at editor@christianparenting.org with suggestions and questions as we work together to raise the next generation of Christian families.

The Lord has equipped each of us for exactly these days—let’s make the most of them!


Cynthia Yanof 
Christian Parenting Brand Manager