A Few Taglines for Parents

Businesses come up with a catchy or memorable phrase that sums up their brand. It’s called a tagline. Some are funny; others are thoughtful. Nike’s is “Just Do It,” which sounds better than “You can’t burn a bunch of calories unless you actually get off the chair.” Dunkin’ Donuts’ tagline is “America Runs on Dunkin,” which is probably why Nike needed to suggest that all of us “Just Do It.”

So, if all of us had to come up with a tagline or slogan for the business of running our families, what would we say?

MasterCare: There is some advice money can’t buy. For everything, there is MasterCare. Don’t live at home, or leave home, without him.
Horizon: “Can you hear me now? I’ll help.” Love, God.
The Apple: One bite caused a lot of trouble. Your kids will “think differently.”
Got Milk? Got Meat? Okay . . . that one is obvious.
God’s Bounty: He is the quicker fixer and picker-upper.
BMW: Kids can be Bored, Messy, Wild. They are designed for our driving pleasure—to school, parties, sports, the movies, and the mall. We are supposed to find “pleasure” driving them everywhere. (Maybe if we had a BMW limo?)
Christian Parents: The Marine Corps of parenting. They are the few, the proud, and the brave.

Here are a few of God’s “taglines”:

John 3:16: God loved us so much he gave us his child so that ours could live forever.
1 Corinthians 13:4–13: God gave us his Holy Spirit so that, through him, we could love our children like he does. His love never fails.
Psalm 23: The Lord is our Shepherd. He stands ready to help you care for your kids.
Philippians 4:13: You can be a great parent because Christ strengthens you.
Isaiah 40:31: God will continue to renew your strength whenever you get weary.
Matthew 6:33: If you seek God first, the rest of what you need will follow.

The Christian Parenting tagline was “Raising kids to know and love God.” Too long. Not catchy. Too churchy. But, it is kind of the purpose of the website. God is the only perfect parent. If our kids know him, they have access to the best advice. If our kids love him, they will want to follow God’s word. Our kids need God’s help because—let’s face it—sometimes parents are running on Dunkin’ and we need God to “just do it.” The great news is that God already has.

Have you raised your kids to know God? Are you teaching them to love him with all their hearts? Then you have been the best parent they could have. We gave them life. We are giving them a life and helping them to live it well for the next several decades. God will give them life eternal. “It’s all good.” The best tagline of the bunch!

Our Christian Parenting ministry is growing, and it was time for some “remodeling.” A new, more efficient website is underway. Our new tagline will be:
“Trusted. Guidance.”
Our goal is to provide articles, podcasts, and other resources that share God’s word, which can always be trusted. His guidance will help parents raise kids who live boldly and joyfully as Christians.

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