4 ways kids can show kindness at school

Written by JJ Campbell
Published on August 19, 2022

Back to school time brings such a buzz of energy! Weekly rhythms and routines are taking shape, kids are excited about all of the things they’re going to be involved in for the school year, the markers and highlighters haven’t dried out or disappeared…it’s really an amazing time. 

As you are preparing your school-aged kids for life in a new grade, you can prepare beyond school supplies and new clothes. You can prepare them to be kind kids. 

Kindness doesn’t just happen. It’s a fruit of the Spirit that must be cultivated (Galatians 5:22). By modeling kindness in your everyday life, emphasizing why showing kindness to others matters, and directing your children toward acts of kindness, you are discipling your kids to live lives that reflect Jesus. 

First and foremost, the linchpin that holds this all together is prayer. Asking God to develop true kindness in your kids is foundational. 

With that said, here are 4 easy ways that kids can show kindness at school: 

1. Compliment others

Compliments are amazing! They’re a great way to break the ice and make people feel comfortable. You can encourage your children to give a kind compliment when they see that another child has something they like or does something well. “Hey, those are cool pencils!” “I like your notebook, that’s my favorite color!” “You’re really good at basketball.” Not only do compliments make others feel good, but it helps your child look beyond himself or herself and focus on others in a positive way. 

2. Be an includer

While it’s okay for a kid to sit alone or play alone, receiving an invitation to join someone else to do anything is a big deal! You can encourage your child to look around and notice other kids who are not talking to anyone at the lunch table and ask them fun questions. You can encourage your child to include others in whatever game they’re playing at recess. 

3. Smile in the hallways

Something as simple as smiling can be one of the biggest ways that we can show kindness. You can encourage your child to notice other kids and make eye contact. Give a smile and a head nod. Something so simple goes such a long way because it communicates that you noticed them. And sometimes being noticed and seen goes further than we realize. 

4. Pray for your teachers

On school days before car line drop off or your kids get on the bus, you can pray together for your child’s teachers. Encourage everyone to pray out loud. This simple morning prayer rhythm can make great kindness ripple effects throughout the day. 

As you are having these discussions with your kids and encouraging them to compliment, include, notice, and pray for other people, they most likely will ask why. Why do they need to show kindness? This leads to incredible teaching and discipling moments. When you encourage your children to be kind in these ways, you are setting your family up for future meaningful conversational moments. 

Showing kindness is one of the most impactful ways that we can show our love for God. 

And this is a conversation that is worth having over and over. 

One of the best ways to reinforce kindness is finding creative ways to work it into your daily conversations. Ask them if someone showed them kindness that day. Ask them if they notice someone in their class that seemed down. Ask them if someone did something cool at recess or P.E. 

But the absolute best way to encourage your kids to be kind is to model kindness yourself. Let them see you complimenting others, including others in activities and conversations, smiling and making eye contact with people, and praying for others. 

Just think of the school year your child could have if their example of kindness encouraged others to do the same. When you start talking about kindness, noticing others, and asking God for help, incredible things can happen!

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