What are your favorite child activities for summer?

It’s almost here! With the end of school comes the annual question of how to occupy the children’s attention for up to ten weeks of summer break. What are your favorite activities? Do you send them to church camp or athletic lessons? Are you at the neighborhood or backyard pool every morning? How much screen…

Share one of your mother’s favorite sayings.

Hispanic mother and middle aged daughter
In honor of Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate the wisdom and wit of our moms. What are her favorite sayings? What did/does she like to say over and over again? What can you predict she will say in certain situations? Which words of hers will you always remember and treasure?

What are your favorite money-managing tips for teens and grads?

Hopefully you’ve already convinced your tweens and teens that you don’t have access to a money tree. Perhaps they earn an allowance, or have started working odd jobs for neighbors and family to earn a little extra. And if you are really fortunate, your teen will have landed a real part-time job. With money coming…

What are your child’s favorite books?

Reading is one of the greatest treasures of life. The primary goal of school in grades K–3 is that children learn to read. After that, they read to learn. What are your kids reading, or what are you reading to them? Share the title(s) of your child’s favorite book and its author. Be sure to…

Chocolate or No Chocolate?

lindt choc bunny
Easter is two weeks away. The stores are bulging with “seasonal” cards and candy aisles, waiting for us to indulge and eventually bulge, ourslves. But Christians know that Easter is really Resurrection Sunday—the most important day on the church calendar. How does your family keep the balance between cultural fun and spiritual truth in this…

April Fools—to prank or not to prank? What does your family do?

calendar and joke box with happy face over white background. april fools day concept. colorful design. vector illustration
As March tiptoes out like a lamb, April 1st looms large for many people. In some homes, April Fool’s Day is the ultimate excuse to have a little fun playing jokes on loved ones or pranking the neighbors. For teachers and others in authority over children, the day is mostly dreaded, since kids tend to…

Will you take your children to see ‘Beauty and the Beast’?

Gaston LaFou
The live-action film of the beloved Disney story is finally (almost) here. Families have been eagerly awaiting Emma Watson as Belle, the gorgeous soundtrack, and luminous special effects. But last week the film’s director revealed that Gaston’s foolish friend, LaFou, would be confused about his feeling for Gaston and have a “gay moment.” This revelation…

How do you celebrate Lent in your family?

The Days of Easter Word Cloud Concept
Typically considered a liturgical church tradition, the season of Lent has made a comeback among evangelical churches in the last few years. More Protestants are finding value in using the six weeks prior to Easter as a time to reflect, repent, and rest before the celebration of the Resurrection. If your family participates in Lenten…

How can you help your children celebrate Valentine’s Day?

It’s coming, that day when your children must bring 20-something pre-made love notes to class so that no one feels left out. When they talk about love and hearts and eat all the sweet things. Valentine’s Day also means husbands and wives must put a little extra effort into showing their romantic side. But with…

How do you help your children reject fear and put on love instead?

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 10.39.52 AM
Only one month past the holidays, times are stressful in our nation, in our schools, and probably in our homes to some degree. When parents react strongly to current events and social changes, children pick up on their emotions but often do not have the capacity to deal with them in a healthy way. What…