Time to Chillax


All of us at Christian Parenting enjoy supplying you with articles and ideas to help you raise your kids to know and love the Lord. We hope you are enjoying the long, less hurried and harried days of summer. We want to do the same. So we are taking a few weeks of summer vacation too! We will start back in the fall, with some new ideas and new directions. But, for now, it is time to “chillax” and take a break.

A few ideas for the next month:

Avoid the back-to-school ads as long as possible. Unless you are sending a child off to college, you don’t need to worry about school supplies yet. It’s still summer! Grab the kids and head to the pool. Put your feet up and enjoy some conversation with fellow moms. Bake cookies, head out for ice cream, plan a few short road trips, and pitch a tent in the family room for a fun “staycation.”

Have fun and make some great memories. There is a reason every older mom you know tells you to enjoy your kids now . . . they grow up quickly. They do! You will be grateful for all these crazy, noisy summer days—that you were able to enjoy with your kids. They are wonderful gifts from God.

See you in the fall. And now—it’s time for a vacation!

Janet Denison

Janet Croswhite Denison grew up in California and moved to Texas during her college years. She is a graduate of Houston Baptist University where she majored in Elementary Education and English. Janet met her husband, Jim, at HBU and they married in 1980. They have two sons, Ryan and Craig. Ryan married Candice Williams in…
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