Why a MLB Star Walked Away from $13 Million

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Chicago White Sox player Adam LaRoche made headlines in May 2016 when he famously elected to retire instead of acceding to the team president’s demand that he “dial down” how often he brought his son Drake to the clubhouse. “#FamilyFirst,” he tweeted in his announcement making that decision public. But in the year since his retirement, LaRoche has revealed additional motivations for stepping away from the sport he grew up with and loved passionately.

Before his son’s presence in the dugout was addressed, LaRoche had taken a trip to Thailand. What he saw and learned there would shape his faith and his future in ways he did not imagine. Watch his interview here.

Questions to ponder after watching Adam’s story:

  1. Adam says in the interview, “I fully believe that what I do has way more impact on my kids than anything I’ll ever say.” How do you as a parent see that truth play out in your family?
  2. What did you learn about sex trafficking?
  3. In what ways does Adam’s story encourage you to live out your faith courageously?