Instagram: Bad for Teens? | ChristianParenting Podcast


On today’s podcast, we spoke with psychiatrist and seminary professor Dr. David Henderson about the popular photo-centric app Instagram. Is the leading app among teenagers really the worst app they could have? In this insightful interview, he explores the way in which social media influences teens’ emotional well-being and self-image, and the alternatives to its destructive use. Dr. Henderson is the founder and CEO of Four Stones Collaborative Group in the Dallas, Texas, area and an adjunct professor at Dallas Theological Seminary.


Rebecca Carrell

Rebecca Carrell is the Morning Show co-host at KCBI, a Christian radio station in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Before joining KCBI on a part-time basis in 2011, Rebecca spent thirteen years working and hosting at country music radio stations. She also authors a popular blog called and enjoys speaking to women’s groups and retreats.…
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