Pardon the Mess Podcast (Ep 1.12): Holly Shivers on Prayer: The Pathway for Knowing God

In this episode, author Holly Shivers and her sister, Wendy Hermes, remind us of the importance of teaching our kids how to pray and memorize God’s word.

We all know that with the busyness of everyday life, none of us are looking for something else to add to our to-do lists on a given day. But Holly and Wendy remind us that being intentional in the small things with our kids often pays big dividends in helping them know the Lord in a personal way. And truly knowing the Lord is something we all hope our kids “get” before they leave our homes.

Join us for a practical discussion on teaching our kids how to pray and memorize God’s word!

(Today’s podcast references Deuteronomy 11 and Psalm 121.)

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