Pardon the Mess Podcast (Ep 2.1): Cheryl Scruggs – Hope for Marriages

Cheryl Scruggs knows firsthand the difficulties that come with marriage.

After divorcing her husband, Jeff, in the midst of her own infidelity, Cheryl realized the lies she believed in her first marriage and the critical importance of having Jesus central in her relationships.

Now remarried to Jeff, she talks vulnerably about working through the daily ups and downs and pitfalls we all experience along the way. Cheryl also shares about her daughter’s very public accident (Lauren Scruggs) and how their family drew to the Lord during this crisis.

You will be encouraged with her practical words, and even get some suggested readings and resources to give your marriage a boost.

(Today’s podcast references Ephesians 3:20, Matthew 19:26, Deuteronomy 8, 1 Peter 3, and Ephesians 5)

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