Answering the Call

Six hundred and twenty-three days. That’s one year, eight months, and thirteen days that have passed since the day we first received the Lord’s greatest blessing on our family. He came into our house as a foster baby, and on November 21, 2017, we will have the great blessing of adopting him into our family.…

When Parents Must Contradict Culture [Video]

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Beyond the basics of raising healthy, educated, socially conscious children, Christian parents must consider the spiritual growth of their families. And many times, teaching biblical truths to our kids involves being counter-cultural. How does a mother answer the age-old complaining, “But Mom, all my friends have one!” What does a Dad do to show his…

Contemplating Kindness [Video]

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Can kindness actually change a life? Join our carpool chat with Leon Logothetis—author, producer and host of the Netflix series The Kindness Diaries—as we chat about the very real power of kindness.

Raising Patriots

Our kids are hearing a lot of rhetoric these days on the news, in school, around the dinner table, and even in church. Kids tend to believe what they hear most often. Will our kids grow up to think America is great, or only that it used to be? Israel is known for its patriotism.…

Instagram: Bad for Teens? | ChristianParenting Podcast

On today’s podcast, we spoke with psychiatrist and seminary professor Dr. David Henderson about the popular photo-centric app Instagram. Is the leading app among teenagers really the worst app they could have? In this insightful interview, he explores the way in which social media influences teens’ emotional well-being and self-image, and the alternatives to its destructive use.…

Moms, what voices are you listening to?

Just the other day, after a restless night of sleep, cut short by my son Noah’s growing pains in the middle of the night, I crawled out of bed. I muttered a few unintelligible words to my husband and left our bedroom. Then staggered downstairs. After making a cup of coffee, I plopped on the…

5 Tips to Surviving Family Transition

Child playing with a wooden horse while parents make moving
For more than three months our family has been living in transition—stacked cardboard boxes, take-out pizza, and cranky kids off schedule. We moved from Texas to California to clear out my childhood home after my mom’s sudden death—and now we head to Pennsylvania while we wait on God to show us the next ministry position…

Groundbreaking Pilot’s Advice for Dads

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Karen Borta, the CBS anchor, said, “I need a piece of paper. I have to write that down.” CBS had just finished airing a segment about Lou Freeman, a Southwest Airlines pilot. Lou was in the ROTC program, enlisted in the Air Force and later was hired by Southwest Airlines to pilot their planes. While…

Can I be a good mom and not choose organic?

organic meat
I get that question a lot, and I answer, “Absolutely.” As Americans become more aware of food allergies and food safety, new terms have become mainstream: gluten-free, vegan, going organic, and more. We all want to know what’s healthiest, what’s dangerous, and how we can provide the best food for our families. But the marketplace…