ChristianParenting Podcast | Porn and Your Kids

Dr David Henderson
As pornography becomes more acceptable to mainstream society, Christian parents must become proactive in their approach to dialoguing about it with their children. Rebecca Carrell discusses this challenge with Dr. David Henderson, who offers several suggestions for how to approach the subject of sexuality in a positive, shameless, “curiosity about sex is normal” way. Might…

When Parents Must Contradict Culture [Video]

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Beyond the basics of raising healthy, educated, socially conscious children, Christian parents must consider the spiritual growth of their families. And many times, teaching biblical truths to our kids involves being counter-cultural. How does a mother answer the age-old complaining, “But Mom, all my friends have one!” What does a Dad do to show his…

Contemplating Kindness [Video]

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Can kindness actually change a life? Join our carpool chat with Leon Logothetis—author, producer and host of the Netflix series The Kindness Diaries—as we chat about the very real power of kindness.

Helping Kids Learn to Handle Anger

Everybody gets mad sometimes, and kids are no exception. Anger is natural, but learning how to handle anger will mean stepping away from what is natural. Children handle their anger differently so you might not be able to use the same techniques as your friends. It’s even likely that your own kids will need different…

Raising a Helpful Child

Teaching your kids to do chores is a good idea, not just because it helps you but also because it helps them! “Knowing how to clean the house, cook a meal, wash their clothes, and manage time and money are all necessary skills kids need to learn,” says child psychologist Dr. Bob Myers. “As parents,…

Raising Patriots

Our kids are hearing a lot of rhetoric these days on the news, in school, around the dinner table, and even in church. Kids tend to believe what they hear most often. Will our kids grow up to think America is great, or only that it used to be? Israel is known for its patriotism.…

A Very Special Country: Kids Answer Questions about America

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In this energetic, yet educational and thoughtful, video montage, kids are asked questions about their country. What do you like most about America? Who is your favorite Founding Father? What did they dump into Boston Harbor? What’s our country’s symbol? What does your family do on the fourth of July? Follow along with your kids…

The Four-Part Plan to Save Summer Sanity

Congratulations! You white-knuckled your way through May with all of the final projects, celebrations, and awards days. Welcome to summer! Summer promises a hot sun, lazy mornings–and kids who bore easily and fuss often. Our sanity is seriously at risk! A solid plan and clear expectations help to maintain our sanity during the long summer…

Getting Creative Now That School is Out

I am enjoying seeing kids riding their bikes around the neighborhood—a site that is becoming increasingly rare. I remember when my own kids were in school and summer rolled around. It was always interesting to hear the different reactions to this annual reprieve from the routine of school, homework, report cards and seemingly endless papers…